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Author : Sandeep Dharak


The Importance of Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plan

Sandeep Dharak
When it comes to creating a Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plan for your WordPress website, the process demands organizing tasks that you perform daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly into the following primary categories: Backups WordPress Core Updates Plugin Maintenance Theme Maintenance Overall Site Health Content Health Since a lot of money,......
Web Hosting

Why Resellers Should Opt for Linux Reseller Hosting Plans

Sandeep Dharak
Linux reseller hosting has been praised as one of the best web hosting plans. This type of hosting allows for unlimited domains to be hosted on Linux servers. Linux reseller hosting can be very affordable and simple to manage. It is also accepted by many web hosting service providers around......

How Personal Contact Management Software Save Time?

Sandeep Dharak
The benefits of using a Contact Management System extend beyond maintaining important business relationships and enhancing the firm’s profitability. Usually, the system is personalized to help the business improve the customer relationship and win the trust of new and former customers. Having it integrated into a customized software system facilitates......

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