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What Are The Benefits of Paid WordPress Themes?

Paid Wordpress Themes

Whether you’re a WordPress beginner or experienced in the field, we often get asked why people should choose paid (or premium as they’re known) WordPress themes over free ones. We’re going to go over the benefits of paid WordPress themes in our mission to help you decide what’s right for you; whether you’re a blogger, website owner, or eCommerce guru.

Many different hosts now offer WordPress hosting; it’s basically a concierge service for your WordPress website – you’ll receive support from WordPress experts, extra features, and it’s a secure and stable start to your business. Paid WordPress themes are similar to this in the fact that they can offer features that are much more premium compared to free themes, hence the price difference.

Paid WordPress themes are available via WordPress itself, and dedicated theme websites. Because of the competitive market, theme developers are often offering discounts or dropping their prices on external theme websites, so it’s worth keeping an eye out in order to nab yourself a bargain. So, I think we’re ready to go over the key benefits of purchasing a paid WordPress theme.

Wordpress Updates and SupportUpdates and Support

Paid WordPress themes offer regular updates to their themes, so they’re always keeping up-to-date with the latest technology. An update log is usually provided, showing any changes that have been made so that you are aware of anything that might need amending. Because they’re being paid for their themes, WordPress developers ensure that they include, and are compatible with the latest versions of PHP, CSS, HTML, and WordPress itself. Compare the updates to free themes, and you’ll understand why you’re paying a premium price.

As well as the updates, you’re also paying for support, so if you have any trouble with your paid theme, you’ll be able to contact the Developer and ask for help. After all, they built the template, so they’ll be able to answer any questions you have. Whether something doesn’t work, or you can’t figure it out, paid themes give you the reassurance that someone will be on hand should you need them – a service worth paying for if you’re running a business.


Responsive WordPress DesignResponsive Design

Most decent paid WordPress themes will have been developed with responsive design in mind, meaning that your website will look great on desktop, tablet, and the majority of mobile devices. Not only does this provide a good user experience for your website visitors, it also helps with your SEO, as it’s a ranking factor on Google.

The last thing you want to be doing is fiddling about with code in order to make your website mobile-friendly – you’re paying for a theme, so these sorts of features should be included within your purchase. Again, most reputable developers will ensure that they state whether their themes are responsive or not, but in our experience, most paid themes are.


It’s quite common to spot a free WordPress theme being used on lots of websites; they’re popular because they’re free, but they’re not unique. Because paid themes cost money, they’re less likely to be used, and come with far more customisable options, allowing you to make the theme your own.


You’d be surprised at how many well-known companies actually use paid WordPress themes, but you wouldn’t know they did because of how unique their designs are. Paid themes are quite commonly purchased by website designers and developers who are happy to use a theme to develop their ideas from. But, you don’t have to have coding knowledge in order to make your paid theme exclusive.

You can pretty much customise any feature of a paid theme, including but not limited to: audio players, pricing tables, blogs, search elements, shops, and more. If you purchase a paid theme via WordPress, you’ll also have access to multiple layouts, meaning you could use your theme for your website, blog, and forum, whilst having them look like they’re all completely individual. You won’t be limited to a single colour palette either, meaning that you can really go to town on making your WordPress website look professional and stand out above the rest.


If you’re still not sure whether it’s worth purchasing a paid WordPress theme, it’s time to ask yourself a few questions: Do you want to be able to fully customise your website? Are you looking for support if something goes wrong? Do you want access to lots of features and elements to build your website? If you’ve answered yes, then you can’t go wrong with a paid WordPress theme. If you’re serious about starting up a business, or unique blog, the small one-off investment could benefit you massively, compared to the time and effort required in tweaking a free WordPress theme to make it slightly different to the thousands of other users using it.

Jann is a Content Writer at – She is committed to providing all you need to know about technology along with researching and analysing the best hosting providers.

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