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What is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

Windows Modular Installer Worker is a process that runs in the background on Windows operating systems.

Windows Modules Installer Worker

Windows Modular Installer Worker is a process that runs in the background on Windows operating systems.

It is responsible for installing, updating, and uninstalling Windows Store apps and system updates. This process is part of the Windows Update service and helps keep your system up to date with the latest software releases from Microsoft.

The world is running on technical wheels. Every day there are new scopes for improvement. Windows Module Installer Worker is one such invention.

This helps in enabling, installing, modification as well as the removal of Windows update. If a user is looking for updates in his windows, he or she can take the help of the Windows modular installer with ease.

Introduces to windows modules installer worker

Most people who are using windows relevantly are accustomed to the Windows Modular installer. The very next thing that one should know is how this works upon the system. This is nothing but a system process that relates to windows updates.

This tool is efficient in working on any of your PC or laptops. This Windows service is built in the Windows so that you can look for updates.

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The essential tool for PC/Laptop 

So users what is windows modules Installer or Tiworker.exe? This tool is essential and is automatically used in the PC to check out the updates and run the installation in the windows.

At times, the task manager, as well as the program, shows up that the CPU is getting heated up. If you are a Windows 10 user, you can find the automatic installation of the updates in the Windows Update.

Automatically updates move on in Windows

The updates of the windows happen automatically in the windows. You can find getting the updates once you feel like looking herewith. The windows module installer occupies a great space in the system after it is being updated.

The productivity of the computer increases with a capable operating system. Every aspect of the tech world needs to go for a start from a special place.

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Steps to repair the Windows Module Installer

It is necessary to repair the Windows Modules Installer, so let’s check on the necessary steps-

  • Go to start and type the
  • After that scroll down, you can locate the Windows Module Installer.
  • The Windows Module Installer is a trusted one and TrustedInstaller.exe.
  • After scanning of the system for the malware and viruses
  • The windows Module service is started actively on your system.
  • Seen in Windows 10

Keep your system bug-free

In case there are no bugs in the computer, be thankful to your modules installer worker. It keeps automatic updates on windows.

This keeps it bug-free. Every update of your Windows Modules Installer Worker installs the updates you are looking for. The possibility of a virus attack ceases. The CPU of your computer continues to heat once you go on with the searching on the internet.

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Install via Windows Update

Windows 10 automatically installs operating system updates via Windows Update, so this process is likely just installing updates in the background.

However, if you choose to uninstall an update or add or remove an optional Windows feature, the Windows Modules Installer Worker process will also need to do some work. The use of the Installer triggers the usage of CPU on a high level.

Tiworker.exe or Windows Modular Installer Worker

The CPU issues can be solved by Tiworker.exe or Windows Modular Installer very easily without further scopes for Complaint. Some steps help you to enable and disable the Installer according to your ability.

It is said that more than 50 per cent of the CPU is being eaten by the Installer and reduces the speed. This is going to improve the performance of the CPU with its speed.

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Disabling or enabling is your choice

Once you stop the installation of the Windows Modules Installer, it is easy to get back a faster boot time with the speeding up of the computer performance.

It is always important to understand what exactly is the Windows Module Installer and how is it used? The system process that allows automatic installation and the modification of the windows installer updates.

If there is no bug then the reason is the Installer worker. We have already discussed this in the first half of the content.

Know your system well

The other name for Windows Module Installer worker is the Tiworker.exe. With this system update, you might get to see certain kinds of a slowdown in the PC because of this running of the software.

It is always important for the users to know your system well so that you do not face any issues shortly. The next question that comes up is that is it a virus or any kind of malware in your system.

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This is not any malware or Virus

Of course, it is not at all a malware or any virus in the system. Therefore you hardly need to worry about this and you can rest assured that it is in-built in the system.

If still, you are worried about this, be sure to run any virus scan with the help of the windows to find out the exact work of it. The preferred antivirus and the malware scan are done through Malware bytes.

Fix the system with the right step

While you work along, you can easily find a dedicated antivirus on the system namely Bitdefender. This will truly protect you from any kind of virus attack and threats.

The total security offered by the Bitdefender gets a great check altogether. The next thing that one needs to understand is how efficiently you can work on to fix the windows modules Installer Worker with the right help of the CPU resources.

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Enabling the automation with installation 

There are very few people who know about this windows module installer. To be very brief, this is indeed a process that relates to the windows updates.

This is a system process which enables the automation and the installation of the windows with its updates and making the great modification.

If the computer is run with some bug in it, make sure you debug it. This is when you enable the windows module installer in it.

Check your CPU from heating up

There are some solutions and also work to be done that checks on the issue of Windows Module Installer. If you find that your CPU is getting heated up unnecessarily, then you can simply disable the Windows modular Installer from the Computer system efficiently and of course in no time.

The tool or the installer whenever is running on the windows keep a check on the upgrades each time on our PC or laptop.

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Check CPU through task Manager

The automatic installation of the updates is done so that the window is free of bugs. This tool is something that checks the windows and its updates automatically once it is enabled in the system.

This is essential and it wants to check for the latest updates automatically on your laptop and also on the computer at times. At times due to certain users of CPU percentage, it shows the high level of CPU check through the task manager and also the program called the Windows Module Installer Worker.

The first solution to the issues

The above-mentioned procedure works for the solving of the issue. This method does not work and then every user who faces the issue must get a good solution to the problem of the windows modular Installation. This can be treated as the first solution to the issue.

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Steps to disable the windows Modular Installer from the system

It is easily solved when the windows update of the installer is disabled automatically. There are certain steps that one should follow to get the best results on their system. Here we set off:

  • GO to the RUN option and then by pressing the Windows key option with R on the system itself.
  • The next step is to type services.msc and then click on the OK button. You can see the system forecasting to you numerous options.
  • Then you can search on the Windows Modular Installer through those options.
  • After you double click on the Windows Module Installer, you choose from the manual of the drop down. This is set usually to the Automatic-option or even the workload.
  • After you figure out the windows update, then you have to double click on the option that shows you Windows Update.
  • The very next thing that you will find out is the dialogue box appearing on the screen.
  • In that dialogue box, you need to select the startup type or the manual with disabled option again.
  • Whatever option you are choosing should always take into account your preference with it.
  • As it is completed, click on the OK option and confirm your preference
  • After everything is done smoothly, simply reboot your computer system and check that everything is fine after you have disabled the Modular.

Next solution to the windows issue

The next solution to the issue is to run the windows update of the troubleshooter. Directly you can run the windows update through the troubleshooter.

The issues can be solved if the Tiworker.exe is creating any kind of issue in the long run. Following the right steps, you can get the problems fixed in the computer system.

Run the troubleshoot programming 

The foremost thing you should do is to go to the Settings of the system and then look for updates along with its security.

Moving towards the troubleshoot programming you can run the windows update on your system. After it is completely done, you can easily RUN on the option for a troubleshooting procedure.

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Fix any kind of issue

Once you have run the option of troubleshoot, you can fix any kind of issue that is suggested by the Windows troubleshooter itself.

This piece of solution in most of the cases has been the right kind of solution for the problems of the troubleshooter.

The very next thing experts recommend is to set the internet connection as one of the metered connection.

High chances of the system without CPU heating 

There are high chances of the system getting a stop even without the CPU getting heated up. Users review that windows module installer hardly consumes a power of the internet on its usage.

The resources of the CPU are also taken into account due to this. There are steps following which you can easily get the issues solved down.

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Steps to solve the issue in prominent steps

You can do this by following the prominent steps-

  • Click on the start option and click on the Settings option
  • After clicking on the settings option click on the networking and internet
  • Click on the WiFi or fast speed of internet with advanced button options
  • If you look for Ethernet connection, it is better to set the updates with the manual operation of the system

Windows do work in the background

Suppose you find that your procedure is using a lot of the CPU space, your computer likely has just the right kind of download in the new updates from the Microsoft Windows.

This procedure may or may not need to start your computer to install the updates. Windows do a lot of work in the background therefore it needs a lot of space with awesome benefits. Therefore you can keep up with the work ahead without disruption. 

Continuing the updates 

You can continue doing your work once the updates run on the PC. You can look into the task manager and see the Windows Module Installer.

The system process enables the installation with modification thus in most cases users do not feel insecure once the CPU starts disturbing anyhow.

Furthermore, the computer might not be able to handle the issue. The ongoing system and its upgrade are still performed.

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CPU is indicative of the high storage

There are ample ways to decrease CPU usage that is caused by the Windows Modules Installer Worker. After the performance is achieved, you can eventually stop a performance returning to the normal position once again.

The time taken by the computer is less with its CPU speed and the capacity of the storage depending on the updates to install. The Windows Module with high CPU is indicative of several problems.


The very common question that comes up next is why windows modules installer worker loads the system and the CPU. The high amount of heating of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) load is sometimes happening due to the constant searching of the updates done by the Windows Modules Installer Worker.

Through the windows, the OS plays a preeminent role. The upgrades are all set to install the module installer throughout the night.

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