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How To Type an Underscore Sign

how to type an underscore sign

An Underscore is an alternative lower line that is created in the low dash and it is under strike. The underscore ( _ ) is one of the symbols that are found on the same keyboard keys. Here we have explain few ways to type the Underscore Sign.

The key is considered Hyphen in the English language. The picture shows the example of the underscore available at the beginning and also at the end of the word- Underscore.

6 Best Ways To Type an Underscore Sign

There are many ways to get to the Underscore easily.

#1. Check out the US keyboard

If you look into the keyboard, you will be able to get the key on the keyboard. When it is about creating the “_” symbol on the U.S. keyboard, you can look for the outcome.

It is time to create by using the shift buttons and then press the hyphen key.

#2. Why is it an underscore only used on a computer?

When it is about using the underscore, it is commonly made use of an alternative option with the space key allowing the activities.

When it is about spending the space, it is rightly allowed with the computer programming of the space key and it is allowed. In computer programming makes sure all about the space when required.

#3. What are the other symbols which are included on the underscore key?

On U.S. keyboards, the underscore key is shared with the hyphen key, which may be shown next to or above the hyphen symbol.

To create the underscore all you need to do it to hold down the shifting while you are also pressing all above the P key.

Typing an underscore is considered one of the essential skills. It is all something that happens in a wide range of situations.

#4. Underscore is a special character

It is an easy one to pick up the measures. Underscore is a special character that is often used in URLs. The email addresses are rarely come with ordinary texts.

There are a couple of the different ways that takes the type the underscore upon a keyboard and also on the cellphone and other devices.

#5. Underline the text

You can also underline the text through emails and also work using the word processing software. You can underline text, but that is different from using an underscore as a character on its own.

One can use the ALT keys for underlying the texts. Once you type the underscores on your iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones, it is easy to type and enjoy.

#6. Turn up the keys easily

For Android phones, things turn up great and easy. You can press on the numbers 123 to get the symbol page rightly.

After you are all set, tap the underscore key and then get the symbol ready and located in all forms. Bring up the keyboard and press the (? 123 key) to go to the symbols page.

Tap on the ABC and then go to the ordinary keyboard to start typing on the requisites clicking on the keyboard with ease.


Underscoring the best features allows in making the best choice in the right ways. If still there persists any kind of underscore symbols, make sure you type (Shift+_) to make sure things which can find the best solutions.

The underscore symbols are sure to make the right hyphen symbol which finds the 0 key on the row above the letters. These failures grow with the right underscoring.

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