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Signs That Your IT Infrastructure Is Obstructing Your Digital Transformation Goals

In a digital world, goals are the compass for transformation. Dive into the key objectives driving businesses to leverage technology for growth and agility.

IT Infrastructure

Due to the incompetence of digital businesses, nearly 25 per cent of businesses have been unable to retain their position in the market in the last year.

It is due to digital transformation that businesses are able to adapt to the latest technologies such as social, mobile, analytics, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. It helps businesses to,

Reach markets faster with less changes in the existing platforms and effortlessly get into new markets and utilise opportunities.

Digital Transformation Goals

There are several IT service firms that help businesses starting out on their digital transformation journey. Implementing a complete digital strategy needs understanding of your employees, processes and technology to successfully transform your business processes and models.

Your digital transformation service provider will help you define the strategy, utilise experience design to deliver intuitive and superior customer experience while leveraging analytics and development and engineering best practices.

Even though companies are realising the increasing needs of embracing digital transformation, many businesses have already started to chalk out their digital transformation strategies. However, the digital goals of the company are yet to be finalised.

There are few difficulties that businesses face when they embrace digital transformation, which includes:

  • Legacy IT infrastructure and processes
  • Organisational culture
  • Skills gap
  • Budgetary constraints

UK businesses have increased their IT budget by 10 per cent in the last year. Although, the major part (which is 55 per cent) of the entire budget goes into operational and maintenance expenses instead of innovation expenses (which takes only 13 per cent of the entire budget).

Warning signs that indicate your IT infrastructure is obstructing your need for digital transformation services

#1. Legacy Infrastructure

IT legacy infrastructure has been a primary reason of concern as legacy maintenance consumes 55 per cent of the overall IT budget. Additionally, they are not even aligned to company’s digital transformation goals.

All these years, IT has acted more like a support system for the businesses rather than a driver. There are a lot of companies that are continuing their daily operations with the technology they first implemented.

Not to forget, they were developed by taking traditional workplace and business models into consideration.

With the introduction of connected technology and other technologies such as Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, companies functioning with the outdated technology found it difficult to survive in this competitive world.

Needless to say their technology stood no chance in supporting the digital transformation needs of the company.

Hence, it is necessary that the companies invest a good amount of money in buying the correct tools and platforms to update their legacy infrastructure to one that is able to support digital business environment.

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#2. Limited Automation

Automation is necessary to get your company’s digital transformation process moving.

When a company becomes a digital enterprise, it demands a faster go-to-market, rapid product update and effortless customer experience and a much faster response rate.

Hence, it becomes essential for any company to modernise their infrastructure and automate their redundant tasks to achieve their digital transformation goals.

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#3. Missing Flexibility

The ever-changing business world demands that companies should be able to scale growth in a shorter time span.

If your existing IT infrastructure is unable to accommodate the much required changes or scale in a real time basis, it is time for your company to re-evaluate its IT infrastructure.

Additionally, the companies that are not flexible enough to allocate the required resources to meet the changing demands will also incur high cost by provisioning inadequate or excess resources.

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#4. Traditional Workplace and Outdated Processes

In the era of connected technology, businesses cannot afford to deal with companies that have traditional processes and workplace model.

While dealing with customers, employees require access to resources anytime and anywhere for maximum productivity.

So if you belong to companies that still have manual processes for approvals and stringent work policies, then it is certainly time for change.

You need to adapt to agile principles and design a modern workplace model that helps you support your digital transformation goals.

Companies today have started to provide their employees the required work flexibility in a distributed manner which includes bringing their own devices to work, working remotely and much more.

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#5. Ways to Overcome Infrastructural Obstruction

Upgrading your entire IT infrastructure to support digital transformation can be a challenging task.

Here are few ways in which you can overcome infrastructural obstruction so that your IT can support digital transformation.

#6. Upgrade Data Centre/ Data Storage

Data processing is essential for delivering a positive customer experience. To do this effectively, companies need a modern data centre that can process data in real time along with a huge storage capacity.

When implementing digital infrastructure, companies have to re-evaluate their storage infrastructure. With a high performing data storage unit, it becomes easier to utilise the right amount of data at the right time.

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The data storage unit you will be upgrading to should be able to handle the new workload of your digital business without having to compromise on the existing business services.

Making use of cloud platforms for your data storage requirements can work wonders for your digital business since it is one of the fastest means of speeding up storage.

It even provides businesses with agility, efficiency and economics of scale which are vital for digital transformation.

#7. Invest in Network

Network performs a central role in enterprise digital transformation. Having a fast and secure network will allow a sustainable flow of data to all stakeholders with zero availability errors.

Hence, look for software that helps your digital company not only create a network that is reliable and secure but which is also agile in configuration, capacity and operations. These characteristics will eventually improve your customer experience.

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#8. Enhance Security

Over 40 per cent of UK businesses face more than 5 major security threats which includes Domain and company brand abuse,

Business security has become a main issue of concern in today’s business world.

As companies adapt to new technologies such as big data, cloud, mobility and IoT, new and vulnerable platforms for digital attacks have become available to cyber criminals.

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Hence, when businesses re-evaluate their IT infrastructure, they also need to maintain an inventory list of the following:

  • All the physical and digital assets
  • Invest in best firewall and other security software
  • Implement adaptive security architecture
  • Establish data governance practices

Your digital transformation service provider will guide you when you re-evaluate your IT infrastructure which will include the best security measures.

Due to the existence of ever-changing technology, businesses are transforming and becoming more agile.

For all the businesses that are planning to adapt to this digital transformation, they will be required to leverage these new technologies and ensure that existing company infrastructure does not cause any obstruction.

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