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Why is Selenium Popular as a Test Automation Tool?

Test Automation Tool
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Testing is the backbone of the DevOps cycle. Owing to various testing methodologies- both manual and automated, tech products do well in the industry.

Selenium is a topic we always bring up while discussing automation testing. Developers and testers prefer Selenium thanks to its automation testing features.

Automation testing platforms that are popular with customers leverage tools like Selenium and Appium to create robust test cycles.

Selenium as a Test Automation Tool

Selenium is powerful in terms of automation testing. The issue is that other automation testing programs on the market produce nearly identical findings. So why Selenium alone?

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll be able to enumerate all the advantages of utilizing Selenium for automation testing and explain why it’s chosen over alternative options.


It is a set of free automated testing tools only used to test web applications. Numerous technologies, including IBM’s RFI, HP’s QPI, and Appium, are available for testing desktop and mobile applications.

Selenium is an open-source program, unlike other testing tools, so there are no licensing fees.

Examine Selenium automation testing in further detail now, as it has transformed the development workflow. It is currently one of the most utilized tools in the world for DevOps.

Brief history

Selenium facilitated browser control using multiple programming languages. Devs could now automate several procedures. However, JavaScript still limited Selenium from completely automated suites.

The tool’s limitations grew as online applications became complicated. Simon Stewart, a bright Google employee, was tired of Selenium’s restrictions. He needed a testing tool to speak to the browser directly, so he created WebDriver to meet this need. Selenium and WebDriver were joined together a few years later.

Professionals could now perform automation testing with just one tool, a vastly more effective method.

What does testing using Selenium entail?

The standard product in the area of quality control is a collection of open-source software testing automation tools called Selenium. Selenium is currently being utilized in production by businesses like Netflix, Google, HubSpot, Fitbit, and others.

It supports various programming languages, all major operating systems, and browsers. The entire suite offers a variety of answers to multiple testing issues and requirements.

We’ll discuss these testing technologies and the reasons Selenium has been relevant for so long later in the essay. But let’s focus on Selenium for now and see what made it so significant.

Why Selenium?

Selenium automates testing across several browsers, making it a popular tool among devs. You can easily automate browser testing across various browsers thanks to Selenium WebDriver’s support for several browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Although Selenium has many benefits, the following are some of the most significant ones and explain why most people select Selenium over testing technologies.

Reasons why Selenium is more widely used than alternative testing tools:

  • It supports a variety of programming languages. Java, C#, Python, Perl, and other programming languages are supported by Selenium for writing test scripts.
  • You may use Selenium to test your applications on all popular OSes, including Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, iOS, and Android.
  • Depending on your test automation platform, Selenium supports various testing frameworks, including TestNG, JUnit, and others.
  • When performing functional testing, Selenium’s execution time is significantly quicker than other testing tools.
  • Selenium is compatible with all browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Apple Safari.

Integration with Other Tools

Selenium adheres to its standards, making it simple to use with well-known software development and testing tools. For instance, it incorporates a variety of test management tools.

Concerning automation testing, Selenium excels, as seen by these advantages. Due to these advantages, you may be curious to learn more about your web application’s performance while using Selenium test automation with several languages.

The development team can leverage the Selenium-create test suite for sanity testing. Business analysts, functional testers, and developers can write automated keyword scripts in MS Excel to execute testing at various levels.

Testing teams improve it so that regression testing may be done across all platforms and browsers. Using Selenium, the project testing team can broaden the scope of functional tests such as system, smoke, integration, and acceptance testing.

Final words

What if Selenium suddenly declared it was switching to a paid model? It’s difficult to criticize something entirely free, but imagine how unpleasant the pitfalls would be if we suddenly had to pay for them.

Although Selenium could be better, it is only excellent enough for testers to make a tremendous effort and disregard the codeless trend.

It also has a few tricks, like quicker delivery, coming in manageable chunks, and getting feedback right away, all of which fit neatly into the current engineering narrative.

You know you’ve reached that sweet spot when you’re willing to spend a few hours online looking for an answer rather than receiving the assistance you paid for.

Selenium has a wide range of applications. Even if you have the funds for them, it only partially eclipses the other test automation tools. However, it would be best if you hesitated before turning away due to its monopolizing character.

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