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How to build hype around your upcoming food delivery app

food delivery app

The food delivery business has got a huge success in recent years. After seeing the growing popularity of UberEats and Postmates, many startups have entered this challenging market to try their luck. It is expected that the current market value of the food delivery business will reach around $156 billion by the end of 2023. These days, many investors and entrepreneurs want a piece of the pie with the help of food delivery app development.

But here is a catch. In the highly competitive scenario, it is difficult for your food delivery app to stand ahead of the curve. Irrespective of platform, you need to put some effort to create hype around your app. Here are four useful tips to promote your app before launching.

food delivery app development
food delivery app development

Keep target audience in mind

The first and foremost part of your mobile app marketing strategy is to know the target audience. Actually, knowing the demands and expectations of the target audience is essential while making a road map for the food delivery app development. Once you understand the needs of your target audience, you can find the right way to promote your app in advance. All you need to highlight their needs and present your app as a robust solution.

You can obtain all the information about your potential customers including their location, interests, and lifestyles. It will help you build a buyer persona for

  • Spreading the message effectively
  • Selecting communication channels properly
  • Choosing a content marketing strategy

All these steps are crucial when your food delivery app is in the development stage. You can decide on effective app marketing strategies. Today, many food delivery startups target people who are too busy and hardly find any time for cooking. A few big players target people from a specific country. You can also explore new niches because they have less competition.

Focus on USP

After knowing the target audience, the next step is to make a unique selling proposition (USP). It is USP that helps your food delivery app stay ahead of the curve. Around 60% of customers consider delivery speed as a key factor while ordering food. But, we have already many food delivery apps available that promise customers to deliver fast. Therefore, you need to give other benefits also to your customers to remain competitive.

You may wonder- what should you consider while creating a USP? Well, you can take the needs and pain points of your target audience in the account. You can do enough research to identify the problems of your potential customers and spread awareness about your upcoming food delivery app as a robust solution to these problems.

Here is an example of Uber Eats, the fastest-growing food delivery service in the US. It has created its USP of delivering local or fast food rapidly. The company aims for youngsters between 24 to 35-year-olds. You can also find and spread your USP to give your app a competitive edge.

Go for content marketing

It is hard to imagine the app marketing campaign without content marketing. The food delivery app development company can help you make the most of content marketing. You can build trust among potential customers and spread awareness about your upcoming app with the help of content marketing. It is fair to mention that content marketing is a cost-effective and efficient way to connect customers with your brand.

You can use various content marketing channels including social media platforms, blogs, video marketing platforms, etc. In all such channels, social media can be a highly effective and efficient medium for mobile app marketing. All you need to choose the right platform to address the maximum target audience. For example, if you want to reach young users, Instagram and Snapchat can help you out. Facebook is ideal for targeting families and older audience.

Blogging is another powerful tool to promote your app even before its launch. The food delivery app development company can assist you to hire bloggers and publish blogs related to your app on various third-party platforms to generate more interest. You can boost brand awareness and enhance the reputation of your business while increasing web traffic through blog posts.

Video-based marketing is the costliest but highly effective tool for app marketing. Today’s tech-savvy people like this type of marketing, and you can promote your brand or app in an engaging way.

Opt for email marketing

Email marketing is here to stay. It is cost-effective and you can reach a large audience with ease. Food delivery startups can take benefits of this type of marketing by sending people a personalized message. If you want to promote your app before launch, email marketing can help you. You can inform customers about discounts, contests, and reward programs through emails. Here, you need to find a way to encourage customers to give replies.

Email marketing is not in vogue, but it is still an efficient way to spread awareness about your app in advance.

Concluding Lines

Whether you build an iOS or Android food delivery app, you need to consider its promotion during the development phase. You need to find unique and engaging ways to reach the target audience. The food delivery app development company can enable you to accomplish this objective.

How to build hype around your upcoming food delivery appAfter seeing the growing popularity of #UberEats and…

Posted by Etech Spider on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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