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The 5 Best Features of The BlurSPY App

BlurSPY App

Many of you have been using android trackers or spy apps for multiple reasons. The history of spy apps is quite old.

But these days, they have become quite advanced and come with the optimized and the best tracking features. Among these apps, BlurSPY is being hailed for its outstanding performance.

It has indeed become the most demanding phone spy app in the market. We will talk about the features of the BlurSPY app, which are essential for tracking any phone.

Top 5 BlurSPY App Features

BlurSPY App Features

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We will also discuss the best things about this app and why it is an excellent option for tracking any device or phone.

BlurSPY app offers a wide range of features that make it the top-notch spy software for any phone or device. The list of features is long, but we will include the best ones.

With these features, you can improve your monitoring or tracking. You will have all the options to spy on any target phone using this app.

#1. Social Media Hacking

Hacking social media is impossible. If you try to find options or ways to help you in this regard, you will fail to come up with any working option.

The reason is social media sites are secure. The teams behind these sites or apps work 24/7 to ensure no such thing happens to the user data.

You may be shocked to learn that BlurSPY can hack any social media app on any android phone. This makes BlurSPY the best and the most demanding phone spy app in the market.

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp- this app will hack it within seconds.

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#2. Live Location Tracking

Here come other advantageous features for the users of the BlurSPY app. With this feature, users can track the live locations of their target phones. For many users, this feature is way more helpful than they think.

With a live location tracker, the users can also check the weekly location history of the target persons. Parents will find this feature the best one for them.

Many parents want to track the locations of their children and see where they have been. With this feature, they can track their live locations and reach them for help in time of need.

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#3. Call Recording Feature

Do you want to record anyone’s phone calls? This feature is what you need. Recording your calls with other people is easy. But this feature allows you to record phone calls from anyone on their device.

You will be doing all this remotely. The BlurSPY app will help you in this regard. This feature of the BlurSPY app is handy for intercepting live phone calls or recording them anytime.

You only need to turn on the feature, and the app will start recording calls. The files or logs will be uploaded to your account, and you can view them later.

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#4. Monitoring Internet History

For many people, tracking internet history is the most important thing. This feature makes it easy for BlurSPY users to remotely monitor the phone and internet history of the target phones.

BlurSPY Android spying allows the users to access the browsers on the target phones and see what the users have been doing all day. Employers will need this feature very much.

Nowadays, companies want to track the internet history of their employees. But they need options for this. BlurSPY app is what they should start using to spy on the internet history of their target employees.

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#5. The Screen Recorder Feature

Hacking any phone or app on the target phone may be a challenge. Companies have made them secure. Users are also concerned with safety and data protection.

Despite all this, BlurSPY introduced one new and exciting feature that can hack social media apps within a minute.

This is called the screen recorder feature. As the name implies, this feature can record the screen of the target phones.

How? For example, if a person is using WhatsApp or Facebook and you want to see their chats and messages, this feature will help you.

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Just turn on this feature, and it will start capturing the screen of the target phone. You will be able to see their chats, messages and everything on the target phones.

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