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5 Important Strategies for Customer Engagement

Staff turnover and attribution is one of the most important issues for any industry you have been dealing with. And when it comes to contact center services where the churn is notoriously high, it turns out to be a major priority. So why are so many contact centre services failing to keep their customers engaged. Given below are the five major important ideas and strategies that would help you keep your customers engaged.

Coaching the coaches of your call centre industry

You need to first understand and know who has been coaching the coaches. This is a question that is asked most of the times when we work with the contact centre services as we spend a lot of time with the call centre agents, and the supervisors and front line leaders do not have any sort of formal contact centre leadership training.The question here is what you have been doing to develop them and because they are the ones who are in turn helping them to develop agents and keep them in the call centre.

Asking them for feedbacks

Due to the daily interactions with all their customers, call centre industry agents could here provide a feedback on the customer’s behaviour and their ideas for all the best practices during service interactions.Their feedback turns to be the most critical one as it helps in improving the customer’s experience in numerous ways revising their surveys, enhancing the call centre receipts, improving the call centre training methods, and modifying their products and services. Through a regular feedback being provided by the customers, the agents would feel that they are a part of the team and important to a brand’s success.

Set expectations before they arrive

One of the best option you could begin in a right manner is to include a mini training package as a part of their pre – employment kit.You could include the following things in the kit like the new hire training schedule, homework expectations, and where they need to arrive on from day 1. Some of the call centre industry agents also include pre work in their kit. Pre work would here involve the stuff written about the company, industry or the customer base. Another best idea for pre work here is to have them look up for more information on the internet regarding the company, their products and services, and many more.

Don’t ask and don’t tell

Unfortunately coaching has turned out to be one of those methods that a lot of front line leaders generally use instead of making development interactive, and really finding out what has been driving the behaviours and how they could turn out to help the call centre agents.

Empowering your call centre employees giving them the purpose

For the call centre industry agents to arrive at their best, they need to feel that they are valued at a company and understand the brands value and mission. Agents here would not just feel empowered, but could also represent their opinions in meeting on how their services could be improved, along with the staff retreats, and employee recognition program rewarding a greater customer service. Offering your staff with some development sessions, featuring coaches or motivational speeches could also turn out to be a refreshing, empowering, and instilling a collective desire to work successfully as a team achieving individual success.

To conclude through employee engagement the call centre industry agents could boost up their employees motivation, build up confidence in whatever work they do, and ultimately lead them with exceptional customer service for long term customer’s loyalty. So what other Strategies would you like to add to improve customer’s engagement. And how have they turned to be for your organization.

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