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Why Digital Signage Promotion is King of All Marketing Strategies?

Examine why the most effective marketing strategy is the promotion of digital signs. Discover its benefits for delivering content in a variety of ways, engaging audiences, and having a significant influence on customer behavior.

Digital Signage Promotion

Find out why the best marketing strategy is to promote your digital signage. Discover how its high engagement rates, dynamic content, and real-time updates make it the best tool for drawing in customers and increasing revenue.

Digital signage is not a passing fancy or a whimsical shopping decision. Installing digital screens for your business can have a tremendous positive impact on your ROI. However, before we go there, these digital signage systems cost a considerable amount of money. However, installation prices have dropped by at least 25% in the last ten years in the USA.

Almost everyone is using it. From McDonald’s and Hooters to H&M and Samsung, every retailer and franchise business is now swooning over the magic device that makes the customer’s waiting time fly smoothly.

It is true for all small business owners, franchise owners, and big-shot entrepreneurs who want to add that extra zing to their business ROI. However, the first step towards a successful investment is calculating the approximate ROI from your new signage system.

A recent study shows that 83% of small business owners (a part of the survey) invested in these new-age LED signs, and about 86% believed that their signs ushered in new customers. You may have to wait patiently for a few months before the cash starts flowing in.

9 Reasons Digital Signage Promotion is King of Marketing Strategies

Discover why the most effective marketing tactic is the promotion of digital signs. This blog examines how it differs from traditional advertising by offering attention-grabbing imagery, focused messaging, and quantifiable outcomes.

Digital Signage Promotion as a Marketing Strategy

If you are all set to invest in a new set of LED signs, let us explore ways you can liven up your business with these new additions.

#1. Entertaining your customers

The “silent salesman” can approach the consumer in a way that no door-to-door salesman, pamphlet or inanimate installation in front of the stores can. You can install specialized screens in train stations, bus stations and airports to attract the attention of your target customers.

Show captivating videos that do not go on a loop every 10 seconds. Content is also king for digital signs; you must make it work without audio! That is one of the best ways to usher new customers from different locations.

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#2. Show the obvious

You do not have to fill the screen with all the promotional materials. You can also include useful information about weather, flight times, recent news, discoveries and scientific breakthroughs.

Even displaying the accurate date and time in the correct time zone can get you all the necessary attention. Add interesting elements to the screen, not just a digital time display. Make sure that you have your brand elements up on display 24 hours a day.

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#3. Webpage

It is something new! Especially if you use WordPress as your CMS, you will find it super-easy to connect your web pages to your LED digital display system directly.

Narrowcasting particular information from your web pages, like your founder’s story, brand values, and recent fashion shows or product launches, will keep bored travelers and passersby occupied for hours.

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#4. Whet their appetite

If you are a restaurant with a rocking menu, why show it off a little? You can also feature your specials, your chef at work and your immaculate service to keep your viewers drooling.

Restaurant businesses are the ones to profit the most from investing in digital screens and LEDs. Showcase your customers’ favorites and lure more visitors from airports, train stations, salons and all other places you can imagine.

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#5. Recent events

It is one way to interest people in your current or upcoming events. Do not forget to accompany the “invitation” with a number, URL link or QR code.

Make it a call to action by introducing special introductory offers for those who end up at the event with the QR code or invitation code.

#6. Fill it with relevant information

First-time travelers, bored citizens, and children need something to entertain them. In your slideshow, you can include interesting FAQs related to your brand and brand value. For example, 100% organic companies are rooting against using palm oil to save chimpanzees.

If you agree with their cause, you can always include facts about how the choice of your raw materials is contributing to the environment. Alternatively, you can answer questions from the audience to enlighten them further on your safe manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly products.

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#7. Awards and accolades

Well, who does not love them? People especially like to see their favorite brands showcase their achievements on the big screen. Mix it up with real events and celebrities talking about your brand.

Include recent Instagram posts from the glitterati and Tweets from them to uphold your brand image. Digital signage is fantastic if you have to create a strong brand image from scratch.

It keeps you visible and on top of every discussion list.

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#8. Photos

This one goes without saying. Have great photos from when a local celebrity visited your store? Have amazing food pictures from your restaurant? Have you seen the picture that got you over 1,000 likes on Instagram and Facebook?

Make a slideshow of these and load it on your digital media players. You can easily control all the displays around the town from just one center. That is fun about LED display systems. You do not have to adjust the layout and display material from one site to another. Adjust it, and you are ready to go.

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#9. Bonus

This one is for all businesses that must make money from the new LED digital signage installed. We know the revenue takes some time to flow in. Thus, in the meantime, you can always approach non-competing businesses to place ads on your digital screen.

For example, if you are a restaurant with a salon next door, you can always contact them for their clips for a little money.

When you are an entrepreneur, there is no harm in welcoming a little extra cash to get you going until digital display marketing kicks in. The right way to do this is to give them a time slot per day to show their ads on your screen.

You charge them based on the number of hours per week or month. Since all the slideshows and clips come from digital media players, you can easily verify how much screen time you share with your partners.

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