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4 Customer Experience Tools to Look at In 2021

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Customer experience is the essence of building a successful brand. According to an American Express survey, 86% of customers said they would be willing to pay more for a pleasant customer experience.

Improving customer experience will be a major priority for many companies in 2021.

Keeping up in an intensely competitive environment, fostering customer loyalty, and preventing churn are reasons review, dropshipping, and voice of customer tools are going to be sought-after business solutions in 20201.

What Is Voice of Customer?

A Voice of customer tool is one that uses the raw material of customer opinions and comments about a product, service, or brand and transforms this content into data. Voice of customer marketing listens to the customer and allows consumer feelings to influence business strategies.

This is more effective than a process that works from inside out with ideas reaching the customer. Instead, the customer’s feedback is the prime influential factor.

Revuze–eCommerce Experience

The best way to improve customer experience is to fully understand how consumers feel about the items they buy and what they value in favorite brands.

Revuze’s solution is the first to analyze the Voice of Customer through automation. It can scan millions of consumer opinions and provides actionable insights through sentiment analysis.

Revuze’s VoC tool analyzes user-generated content, basically, any kind of content produced by consumers such as social media updates and reviews–and uses sentiment analysis technology to determine how customers feel about a product, company, or brand. This sentiment analysis is transformed into quantitative data that can be used to track improvements and inform business strategy.

VoC solutions shift companies toward a customer-centric focus, which is a forward-looking approach to improving customer retention and fostering brand loyalty. A customer-centric approach helps businesses design products according to customers’ stated needs and expectations.

The Voice of Customer tool users machine learning to perform sentiment analysis quickly and thoroughly and updates information on an ongoing basis.

YotPo–eCommerce Reviews

Reviews are the main driver of revenue. YotPo makes it simple to collect and leverage reviews, ratings and Q&A with AI technology and machine learning. Generate more reviews from satisfied customers with targeted review request emails. Encourage customers to leave reviews at several phases of their journey through customizable widgets.

YotPo can pose leading questions to encourage reviewers to address topics relevant to business strategy. The solution also provides coupons and incentives to encourage additional purchases and guide satisfied customers to leave reviews.

Displaying favorable reviews at various points on a website or eCommerce site can influence buying decisions and drive revenue.

YotPo highlights customer feedback on the homepage as an introduction to your products and services, shows star ratings and rankings on category pages, and reveals past shoppers’ opinions on the product page. Upsell items and reduce abandoned shopping carts with ratings and reviews on the checkout page.

Oberlo-eCommerce Dropshipping

With the growth of eCommerce, particularly in 2020 when many consumers switched to shopping online due to health regulations, dropshipping has become a popular way to get started in retail for new business owners or for veteran entrepreneurs to outsource their supply chain and simplify their business.

Oberlo is a complete dropshipping solution with a free starter plan that makes it easy to find and customize products, add them to an online store, and marketing them to consumers. Oberlo provides accurate statistics that guides product searches and selecting items to stock. It keeps track of orders updates data on deliveries.

With just one click, transform a purchase from a customer to order from a supplier, and the item will be on its way. Automated tools updates pricing quickly and conveniently, which makes it easier to price competitively to generate more sales and take market share. Oberlo can be used with Shopify, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and adds products from AliExpress.

BigCommerce-eCommerce Platform

BigCommerce is a smart and advanced SaaS platform that allows companies to build, innovate, and grow. This tool creates unique online store experiences and reduces complexity with a user-friendly platform. This platform allows companies to outperform the competition by responding instantly to customer needs.

BigCommerce integrates with third-party apps and creates more flexibility. It provides tools to develop a solid omnichannel with international reach. Unlock customer insights and transform them into actionable data to upgrade marketing strategy and product development. It is AP-driven with 400 calls per second, per customer.

This solution has robust security and uses a Google Cloud Platform with advanced performance. Speed and efficiency reduce costs and saves time. Expert support solves issues promptly and provides strategies that will increase revenue and conversion rates.

Be Prepared for 2021

It looks like 2021 will continue the eCommerce boom seen in 2020 and the last few years. Customer habits are changing for good and it is essential to reach them where they are–on social media, review sites, and eCommerce platforms. The tools described above, such as Voice of Customer tools, will transform business operation, marketing, and customer experience. Creating a customer-driven business strategy is the key to success in 2021.

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