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Humanoid Robots 2017: Present and Future Applications

Humanoid Robots 2017

What was once only read about in science fiction novels or seen in futuristic Hollywood movies is now a big reality. Humanoid Robots are in great use in many fields and industries today, such as manufacturing, aerospace, education, and even health and medicine.

Humanoid Robots play an important role in today’s society because they basically perform tasks and functions that ordinary human beings can do but are not able to because of physical or environmental considerations, factors, and risks.

Science imitates life

Given that these robots need to approximate human motion very carefully, only the most intricate and accurate components go into them. Robotics engineers and developers, for instance, employ micro components such as a brushless DC motor to effectively mimic fine human movements.

Humanoid Robots have very important and valuable use and are anticipated to be around for generations to come as they become more advanced in motion and even more human-like in thinking. Consider the many areas of life where these humanoid robots are currently being employed and may find increasing use in the future:


Automated machinery has long been used in the industry of manufacturing, but it is becoming increasingly sophisticated to act just like humans in terms of precise movements. Robots are also being developed to implement safety procedures and quality control, where decision-making based on environmental factors and data is critical.


The field of health and medicine is one where millions can benefit from the deployment of humanoid robots. Many delicate surgeries and medical procedures are now being done by physicians using robotic equipment, which decreases the risks of human error and infection. Research and laboratory procedures that involve hazardous substances or that need to be carried out in hazardous environments are also successfully relegated to robots.


Human interaction is important in the field of education, especially involving children and even special needs individuals such as those with autism. Where there is a shortage of human instructors, teachers, and professionals, robots can step in to perform educational and instructional tasks. Humanoid robots are particularly effective and efficient for programs that involve speech or physical therapy, or basic teaching modules such as reading, writing or performing mathematical equations.

Sales and Marketing

Retail brands and manufacturers are discovering the magic of Humanoid Robots in reaching out to their target consumers. This is changing the way that companies are doing their marketing strategies and efforts. Online and Digital Marketing is enhanced or even complemented by experiential retail that can be carried out by humanoid robots, inside malls or brick-and-mortar stores. Robots can guide consumers on proper product usage or even act as virtual customer service assistants. The human touch is not lost, while efficiency of operations is greatly enhanced.


Reaching outer space and landing on the moon has been one of the man’s greatest achievements, and research in outer space is continuing up to this day. However, sending more humans on missions may be costly, not to mention risky. “Humanoid Robots” have taken their place and for good reason, because they can withstand harsh conditions and atmosphere in outer space.

Engineering and development

There is a great deal of Research, Design and innovation that go into developing humanoid robots, and they also similarly require electronic components that are specially designed to meet strict requirements of efficiency, performance, reliability and reasonable cost.

These industries and fields of work are just some of the many where robots are increasingly being put to use. Time will come when physical tasks and backbreaking labor will be relegated to robots. And while humans may face the threat of losing millions of jobs to automation, experts urge a more positive perspective in that humans will be able to devote more time to intellectual, creative, and artistic pursuits instead.

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