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New-Age Methods to Utilize Fuel and Water Efficiently on a Farm

Fuel and Water Efficiently

A lot of human activities are based on luxury and are termed as non-essential. Most of these activities include using up energy in one form or another. We convert natural resources to fulfill our desires in every form. Two such natural resources that are being exploited are water and fuel.

A lot of stress is already being put on the governments to urge their citizens to restrain from using these natural resources for the non-essential activities. It is understood that essential activities need to be prioritized but so is the conservation of natural resources.

What some people don’t realize is that we can make some changes with the help of new-age technology. Some simple ideas combined with technology can be put into practice to make essential activities more efficient in terms of using these natural resources.

The most widespread and essential activity, farming, needs to be revolutionized so that it utilizes fuel and water more efficiently. A lot can be done to make this happen. There are some very simple techniques that we can adopt at a farm to bring about this change that will make the consumption of water and fuel more judicious.


Fuel in the form of petrol and diesel is being used excessively all around the world. We’re using it up much faster than it regenerates. The time it takes to regenerate is so long that it is considered a nonrenewable resource. Farming is not the highest fuel-consuming sector but it does contribute substantially to the usage. Some very simple changes can help in regulating the amount of fuel we use for this vital activity.

Reduce gas station trips

Almost every vehicle on the farm uses fuel for various activities. These vehicles have a limited tank capacity and when the fuel runs out farmers have to make a trip to the gas station. Most of the farms are located in far off places and trips to the gas station use up a lot of fuel. Firstly, the vehicle’s or machine’s tank should be filled up completely. Secondly, keeping fuel tanks at the farm is a good idea to save these trips to the fuel station.

Use efficient machinery

Development in science blesses us with technology that makes our machines more efficient. They consume fewer amounts of fuels and do more work. Machines on the farms like pumps, generators, combines, seeders, and more use diesel to function.

Every year the technology develops and updated versions of these machines are up for sale in the market. Apart from simply going ahead and purchasing the newer and cost-effective version, we should also study our power needs and then shop accordingly.

For example, the generators at farms are not the same everywhere. Different farms have a different demand for power. The different outputs of a variety of generators are listed on so a farmer can easily pick out the most efficient option for them. Selecting the right machinery can greatly decrease the fuel requirement of your various farming activities.


We are in the year 2020 right now and we can already witness countries all over the world facing the problem of water scarcity. Rivers, lakes, and groundwater aquifers are running dry. The ice caps on the poles are shrinking at an alarming rate. Sources of freshwater are fast disappearing.

Scientists predict that earth will have depleted its fresh-water sources by 2050. To stop this from happening we need to take immediate steps. Farmers need to start adopting these practices to make their contribution-

Irrigation Techniques

Irrigation at a farm uses by far the most amount of water and also the highest contributor to water wastage. Primitive techniques of irrigation are still in use in many places and they result in a lot of water being wasted due to evaporation and runoff water.

Adopting new age practices, like the drip irrigation method, greatly reduces the water wastage. The irrigation network is buried underneath the soil so that the water is sent directly to the roots of the plant. There is no chance of water being evaporated or runoff.

Keeping a track of weather conditions can also be very useful to the cause. Avoiding irrigation on the day of a predicted shower can save a lot of water.

Adopting rainwater harvesting techniques for irrigation purposes is another noble way to save water. Advancements in technology have now helped invent some truly amazing ideas to help with rainwater harvesting at a very viable cost.


Irresponsible farming activities have shown to result in soil erosion. Some farmers do not realize that tilling the soil after every harvest can result in a lot of soil erosion by runoff water. The soil erosion directly damages the water quality of a lot of streams and rivers. These streams and rivers start flowing with water that can not be used for a lot of human activities. It is a direct wastage of water which can be easily avoided. Farmers can adopt a no-till method to avoid tilling the land by using the soil of the previous harvest. There are many more such techniques farmers can learn that prevents soil erosion.

Water transport

Transporting water on a farm for different purposes also results in the loss of a lot of water. Most of the pipes and tanks on farms are not really maintained and develop cracks and leaks in them. Farmers should pay heed to this problem and should regularly get their equipment serviced. Avoiding such minor blunders can help a major cause.

Saving water and fuel should be the priority for everyone as they are depleting at an alarming rate. Most of our activities can be done using alternate sources of energy. We need to start making efforts today to see the positive result in the near future.

Adopting the practices that save fuel and water should not be limited to just farming but all other activities that are done by humans. Farmers have already started making an effort towards conservation of these fast depleting sources and it is about time that other industries start following in their footsteps.

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