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Homemade CBD Oil Treats for Dogs

Homemade CBD Oil Treats

CBD oil in pure form is the best way for your dog to feel all the benefits of this ingredient. It often happens that your dog is not very enthusiastic about this natural remedy. Although manufacturers of CBD oils add a variety of flavors to these products to make them palatable and acceptable for the delicate animal senses, some pets are just picky eaters.

One way to give your furry buddy the necessary dose of cannabidiol is CBD-infused kibbles, treats, and soft chews. If you are already thinking in that direction, opt for an even safer option – homemade CBD treat oil for dogs. These are cheaper, faster, and usually much tastier option to provide your pup with CBD dosage.

CBD Oil Treats for Dogs

Easy CBD Cookies

Homemade pup edibles are a great solution that won’t break the bank. Plus, homemade cookies can always be made from ingredients you have in the house. What is essential is to use only organic, pet-related cannabidiol oils of known origin. Do not use cheap products or copies. They can be dangerous because they often contain THC. In large quantities, this substance can be hazardous for your dog.

Mix one cup of any whole grain flour with half a cup of oat flakes and half a cup of melted peanut butter. Finally, mix in the recommended amount of CBD oil. Add half a cup of lukewarm water and leave the flakes to soak.

Be sure to preheat the oven for at least 15 minutes before baking. Reduce the heat to 350 F. Scoop the mass onto a wax paper-lined baking sheet and bake for half an hour. Leave enough space between the balls, because they will flatten and spread during baking. Give no more than two of these treats to your pooch.

Raw Pup Treats

If you do not have enough experience with CBD oil and do not know how it behaves when cooking, then do not cook it. Treat your pooch with some refreshing iced snack or yummy raw treats.

It is good to know which conditions affect the change of CBD oil properties, so you know how to store it:

No-bake treats are real salvation because you can prepare and give them to your pet as soon as you make them if your dog is really impatient. For example, you can make juicy pumpkin CBD balls in just a half an hour. Put two cups of mashed pumpkin in a bowl and add spices to taste. Dogs generally tolerate turmeric, white paper, or vanilla extract well.

In the spicy puree, add the oats for making the right consistency. It should be like dough. Tear the pieces of the mass, roll them into balls, and leave on a baking sheet. Put them in the refrigerator to harden. After half an hour, add the recommended amount of CBD oil for your pet to each treat individually. Each day, give your pet one of these.

Berry Truffles

Berry Truffles

Berries are real blasts of vitamins and minerals. Combined with natural cannabidiol from hemp, you get a delicious treat for dogs. It’s handy in case your beloved pet suffers from chronic pain and inflammation. The good thing about these treats is that you can freeze them for almost three months. If they are in the fridge, use them for the next seven days.

Mix one cup of crushed red fruit with three tablespoons of warm coconut oil. Gradually mix coconut flour and three tablespoons of flax seeds. Add two tablespoons of quality hemp oil to it. On this link, see how to find the right product online.

The dough may seem gooey, but the coconut oil will tighten and thicken the mass. Form the bite-size truffles and let them cool.You can roll these balls into coconut flakes to make them even more palatable.

Whether you use it as a supplement or adjunctive therapy in the treatment of a particular disease, try to give a dose of cannabidiol to your pet directly into mouth. If this is not the option, the second-best method of administration is within treats. While the animal digests yummy snacks, their bodies will absorb the dose of cannabidiol and start the healing process.

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