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How Can Your Company Stay Protected from Cyberattacks in 2021?

Stay Protected from Cyberattacks

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is: there’s always the risk of being hit by a cyberattack. These attacks are continuing to grow in frequency and sophistication, which means you have to be savvier than ever before when operating on the internet.

According to 2019 research, cyberattacks cost a business $200,000 on average. Considering 43% of these attacks are targeted at small companies, it’s no surprise that hackers are leading to the downfall of many businesses.

If you want to avoid malware, ransomware, and every other security threat present online, there are various approaches you can take. Below is a quick guide on keeping your company protected from cyberattacks in 2021 and beyond.

Keep your finger on the pulse

The cyber threat landscape is one which is always evolving. Due to the speed in which changes are happening in this area, it is important you stay in the loop about its current state.

When you use threat intelligence to learn about current cyberattacks, you can stay ahead of the hackers and put in the preventative measures to block the latest threats from affecting your business.

Educate your employees

Picture the scenario: an email lands in the inbox of an employee. The email is from the bank and everything appears official, with it claiming they need to update their details by clicking the link.

Your employee then clicks the link and… your business information is suddenly compromised. Your worker has fallen for a phishing attack and put your company at risk.

Cyberattacks come in many different forms. While some can be easy to spot even for uneducated eyes, others are a lot more sophisticated. This is why it’s essential you educate employees regularly about the threats that exist—and how they can avoid falling for the traps set.

Swap hardware for the cloud

If you stick with hardware like laptops and computers, your business is at risk of a different kind of threat to those that exist in the cyber world.

These devices can easily be stolen or lost, and this could lead to your business data being compromised. To stop this from being an issue, you can move your current business operation to the cloud.

By doing this, you can wave goodbye to physical systems that are used to store your precious data. All of this information can be stored on the cloud, which is known for being the safer option in general due to the flexibility and significant security investments made by cloud providers.

Utilize the right security software

It is true: even the most robust security software cannot prevent every type of attack. For instance, it is up to your employees to circumvent the threat of ransomware attacks.

With that said, the likes of firewall and antivirus software can do a lot of the legwork required in keeping your company secure.

When selecting security software, always try and pick the best options available on the market. You will want antivirus/firewall software which is continually updated.

Security threats are always evolving (and are extremely costly as established already), and your software has to do the same in response. Also don’t delay in installing any updates—the quicker the software is patched up, the quicker any exploits are vetoed.

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