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How To Write The Perfect Blog Post | 5 Checklists


Though writing a post is always easy, it is on your hands to make the content look natural, focused on the quality, and drives the human readers to psychologically get into it.

Making list posts are always worth writing as they will be encountered easily. Basically what is a list post? It is just like a bulleted or numbered list, say a checklist, where it features a collection of things.

Using a number in the post is always a good booster that helps in making it popular. It does not require too much of h2 writing, or solid content strategies, but one should know how to use it adversely to make the most of it. Here are a few tips to use lists in a right way:

# Do not Start with Numbered List Right Away

As a blogger you may receive assignments to write a listicle about a few things to be done. The first thing that gets in your mind is to list out 1 through 10, and then looking for the ideas to fill in those places. It’s not right! Though it is the easiest and the fastest way to write, it is a bad idea to do so.

First you must probably jot down the things that would scratch the audience. Focus on the content and find the seed that clicks your mind to start with. The best tip is to make an interesting and problem-solving content, which can be then re-organized into lists. Realizing yourself is the best way to do this!

# Think how you are going to Solve Reader’s Problem

All content that is to be a writer must start with an impulse to solve the reader’s problem. It is the duty of the content writer (blogger) to understand what could solve the doubts of the audience. So first think about it and get to know what things worry the readers and what could excite them in return after reading your post. So when it comes to list, you may build a list that could clear the problem of your audience and cherish them with something idea at the end.

 # Make a h2 Strategic Goal

The hardest thing on the web is to create content that just gets traffic and make advertisers feel happy! But content marketing is not limited to this. It’s a different game! It is not the thing that just attracts the eyeballs of the audience, but it must exist and give a h2 bonding and support to the readers by educating them in a right way. The best tip is to take advantage of the free resources and scoop it up with your post. You can also provide some free courses on your blog, which could help the audience with some good nourishment.

# Keep your Content Scannable

Once you have written something that is worth reading, you must make it presentable. Make sure to wrap it up in a way that is easily consumable and very pleasing to listen like a poem. Placing videos, ppts or audio won’t save an ordinary unconvincing content! Hence, make a good content that is much more enjoyable to the readers.

# Content Promotion Matters the Most

Once you have written something that is worth reading, it is time to promote it. The hardest advice is you must take content promotion seriously. Your content will be liked and shared only if the audience were aware about it. So develop a network of publishers around your topic and interact with them, share your ideas, get voted from them to increase your reputation.

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