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Best 5 IP Trackers To Identify IP Addresses With Ease

Best IP Trackers

Every internet user has his/her unique identification number on the internet. This is known as the Internet Protocol Address, abbreviated as an IP address. Your IP address is used to keep track of your web activities, and it gives out your location and your network interface. It gets registered on every page you visit on the web.

It is the IP address which helps to track an internet user down if he/she performs anything wrong on the web. There are two types of IP addresses, IPv4 (uses 32-bit binary bits for a lecture and is a group of four numbers separated by dots) and IPv6 (uses 128 binary bits for an address and is a group of eight numbers separated by colons). IP trackers track the IP addresses.

An IP tracker reveals not only the IP address but also the country of the user and to avoid it you should use ( IP trackers are often used by public websites to keep track of the number of viewers and the actions performed on their page.

The IP addresses also have a lot of secret parameters associated with it, which helps companies or market researchers or advertisers with their commercial purposes. It helps them to secure or increase their revenue.

Top 5 IP Trackers To Identify IP Addresses

There is a lot of sensitive information linked with one’s IP address, and one has to be extremely cautious as there is always a chance of such information from being misused.

#1. SolarWinds IP Address Tracker

SolarWinds IP Address Tracker is one of the most popular trackers of today’s date. It can simultaneously handle over 250 IP addresses at once, which makes it a convenient IP address tracker for large institutions or businesses.

This tracker is particularly user friendly and is not very expensive. It functions very effectively and efficiently, giving you details of every IP address, including the event logs. It effectively detects and alerts you about IP address conflicts and tracks the availability of any IP address. Its feature of DNS monitoring easily removes any severe issues.

Apart from performing the function of tracking, SolarWinds IP Address Tracker is the best option for determining IP conflicts, alerting, reporting, and managing.

#2. Advanced IP Scanner

The most important feature of Advanced IP Scanner is that it is free; you don’t need to pay anything to use this tracker. It has a simple and very user-friendly interface, which makes it quite popular.

Advanced IP Scanner is used extensively by network administrators and IT professionals who have gone to recommend this tracker on Spice Tools.

Advanced IP Scanner needs no installation, and it functions remotely. Considered to be one of the most trustworthy trackers out there, this tool efficiently analyses information about all the devices on a network.

It lets its users remotely control these devices. It runs like a portable version. Over the years, Advanced IP Scanner has seen a rise in the number of users and is highly recommended.

#3. IP Tracker

This is another free IP tracking tool that allows you not just to track an IP address but also gives out the location of the address. It is used extensively for Reverse IP tracking, domain to the country as well as domain to place.

This is a website ( and is popular because it gives out details of information about any particular IP address. The Reverse IP Lookup feature allows you to get a list of all the domain names available on one specific server.

The domain covers details of the location to location. It also provides its users with two different types of tools – IP Tracker and IP Lookup. There is no such significant difference between the two. However, IP Tracker provides the user with a piece of much more detailed information about the addresses.

#4. BT Diamond IP

This tracker is a user’s favorite because of its flexibility and scalability, and there is one central access control that manages all the IP addresses.

BT Diamond IP is used extensively by large businesses because of its feature of having centralized IP management and also because of its multi-vendor DNS DHCP management.

It can easily manage both IPv4 and IPv6 and efficiently handles DNS zones, IP address blocks, resource codes, and also manages all the IP addresses.

It is a reliable tool because the users get a powerfully built security which keeps all the data safe. It also comes with multi-cloud IPAM, hardware, software, and virtual appliance services.

The price of BT Diamond IP is unknown because their website doesn’t mention anything explicitly. But you can always contact them and get to know about the details.

#5. Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is famous for its high speed and range. It has been developed mostly for Java programmers and web developers. It is an open-source platform, and therefore there are no concrete monetary plans.

It can be used anywhere, which won’t cost you any money, and it is an absolute favorite for being lightweight, cross-platform, and the user doesn’t need to go through the troubles of installation.

It can easily manage multi-thread architecture and efficiently tracks Mac addresses and web servers. Apart from IP address scanning, it has the features of NETBIOS and port scanning.

Angry IP Scanner is fast, secure, has a wide range, and is compatible with almost every device out there.

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