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Hybrid App Development: Small Business Retailers Should Consider

Hybrid App Development

There is a good deal of challenges facing off a small business owner in the retail sector from acquiring new customers to retaining them in the long run. In addition, keeping a tab on the metrics of customer acquisition and retention endeavors is another big challenge.

Author Lon Safko, a professional speaker and coach to large companies highlighting the significance of measuring progress quotes,”You can’t manage what you don’t measure” in one of its post with Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur).

In the wake of it, mobility has emerged as a pillar to rely on. As consumers are getting more connected with mobile Internet and more used to with their mobile apps, it’s time to take resort of a reliable mobile app development company to get a mobile app built to engage with prospects and customers.

Considering the quality of engagement and conversion that mobile apps generate, a new term, i.e., customer experience platform has been coined for them.

What is hybrid app development?

Unlike a native app-build that runs on a selected platform like Android, iOS or Windows Phone, a hybrid app-build is meant to go with all.

For native apps, developers are recommended to use the native resources, including IDE (Integrated Development Environment), programming language, APIs, etc. offered by respective platform owners, whereas for building cross platform apps, developers have a flexibility to choose from a gamut of third-party open source resources like Apache Cordova (PhoneGap), Xamarin, and so on.

What are the business value propositions of hybrid app development?

Here are top 5 reasons that make small-budget retailers go with hybrid app development.

Innovate Customer Engagement:

Doing so, you can stay ahead of the competition. Fortunately, frameworks used for building hybrid apps are liberal on this matter. Take advantage of cutting edge features like chatbots and artificial intelligence. Chatbots involve customers in a natural discussion, and moreover it happens spontaneously.

This will not only help you gain the traction of new users but also retain them in the long run with a better service. This one attribute alone can help you overpower competitors and their business value propositions.

Low Customer Acquisition Cost:

A Hybrid App Developer can help you get your app integrated with all information silos or operations in your business ecosystem. It brings two key benefits. First, this will help your team at different fronts to access customer information, collaborate with members and departments, take decisions, and act more swiftly.

Second, customers can browse through your inventory, make choice and place order. The agility and user-experience helps in reducing the customer acquisition cost.

Extended Market Reach:

Crossing the OS disparity barrier, Hybrid App Development allows you to extend your reach without investing separately in platform-oriented development services. With a single app build, you can target Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

However, considering that users prefer native experience on their devices, ask your developers to customize the final build to make it suitable to the native ecosystem. Incorporating Firebase Dynamic Links into your app, you can make your existing app users brand ambassadors. This will help them share your app with their friends and family easily.

Low Investment:

As you are in no obligation to get built a separate app for multiple platforms you are targeting at, the technology investment budget reduces significantly. Moreover, it also reduces the future technology maintenance and management services.

Apps targeting multiple platforms can be updated, upgraded or maintained with one single effort. That is to say, your developers don’t need to make coding changes individually to apps targeting different platforms. So “hybrid app development” not just helps with reducing the upfront technology investment but also the future maintenance costs.

Better Metrics Tracking:

Monitoring the performance of a business is as important as is investing in it. Thanks, hybrid app development helps you ace it. You can be in the know as how your customer acquisition, customer service, and other business endeavors are taking their course. The intelligence can be used to improve the efficiency and customer experience further.

Integrating your app with a suitable mobile analytics tool like Mixpanel Analytics, you can keep a track of how the app is helping you with your business endeavor. Leading mobile analytics tools like Google Mobile Analytics, Flurry, Apsalar, Localytics, to name a few, are at your disposal. If you don’t have any, it’s high time, that you contact your mobile app development company for the same.

Saroj is a Techical blogger and content marketer. He is working with Root Info Solutions, a Mobile app development company.

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