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How To Choose The Right Call Center Software For Your Business

Sandeep Dharak
You need more than just the best agents to have a first-rate and well-functioning call center business. You should have the appropriate technology to drive results, as even your most skilled workers won’t be able to deliver a positive customer experience without the proper technological infrastructure. But with so many......
Digital Marketing

How Instagram Followers Can Positively Impact Your Business Goals

Sandeep Dharak
How Growing Your Instagram Following Can Positively Impact Your Business Goals When we refer to Instagram followers, two characteristics matter over everything else: quantity and quality. It is important to have a big number of followers and keep it growing and have followers that match your target audience for your......
Guest Post

Hybrid App Development: Small Business Retailers Should Consider

Sandeep Dharak
There is a good deal of challenges facing off a small business owner in the retail sector from acquiring new customers to retaining them in the long run. In addition, keeping a tab on the metrics of customer acquisition and retention endeavors is another big challenge. Author Lon Safko, a......
Digital Marketing

How Internet Marketing and SEO Helps Businesses: By Alfredo Ramos

Sandeep Dharak
Technology has definitely taken over our lives and our businesses. With billions of people actively engaging on social media networks, it’s no wonder most companies take advantage of this trend. The Internet has provided businesses a way to connect with clients and customers easily and bridge the gap between them.......

Boost Business Revenue With Custom Mobile Apps?

Sandeep Dharak
Majority business is engaged in custom mobile app development. The current analysis says that custom mobile app development is expected to see a whopping growth of $60 by the end of the year 2018. Business has understood the importance of custom mobile app rather than using free utility apps. Almost......

Xamarin Benefits for Business, King of Cross-Platform Development

Sandeep Dharak
There is still a way out: cross platform development. Xamarin is a great instance of this kind of the development. It allows business owners to hire one developer who will create a native app for all iOS, Android, and Windows. Instead of three specialists. Technology has made our lives easier and......

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