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How to Type the Cent Symbol on Your Computer?

How to Type the Cent Symbol on Your Computer

The cent symbol is mainly used while writing about American currency, and this cent symbol refers to the specific number of cents. How to Type the Cent Symbol on Your Computer?

Cent symbols refer to the particular number of cents which is dealt with an amount of less than $1. If you are wondering how to enter the Cent symbol on your computer, you need to follow some essential criteria.

Cent sign is mainly used for the word symbol, and it is so used for the price list or the advertisements. To know in detail and in a clear way, you can take one example.

How to Type the Cent Symbol on Your Computer?

Suppose you have to write 52 cents as 52¢ and $0.52, then it is also used with the help of other currencies such as Mexican centavos.


While writing out the cost or payout, people prefer to use the cent symbol to describe the currencies instead of using cents to dollar transformation with the first zero amount of dollars.

The worst circumstances are that most of the keyboard does not allow to enter the cent symbol directly. The cent symbol is not detected on most of the keyboards, indicating who cannot enter it by pressing on the labeled key now.

If you want to join a cent symbol, you are not provided access by pressing the keyboard’s labeled key. This is the part of international standard symbols that usually represent the text on computers or smartphones.

Most modern technologies for digital devices show the sign of percentage, and there are several ways to enter them digitally.

How to type Cent Sign on Microsoft Windows?

If you are wondering about entering the cent symbol on Microsoft windows, you need to know the essential criteria of the methods. Mainly the process is relatively easy, and anyone can access the function.

  • If you want to enter the cent sign, you can also use the Alt code for the cents sign. Mainly, the Alt code is used, which indicates the numeric code entered by clicking and holding down the Alt key on the keyboard.
  • The Alt code for the cent sign is 0612. Now you have to hold down the Alt key and then type 0612 to insert a cent symbol.
  • If you don’t know the cent symbol’s code, you can directly access it by the Windows character map utility. On that map, you can quickly figure out the cent symbol code.
  • To open the program, you need to click on the search box in the start menu or tap on the result that pops up. Make sure to figure out the list of the characters by scrolling down or by entering the cents into that search box.
  • This will show you the code, or you can use the tools for copying the character in your computer clipboard. After that, you will have to paste it into another program.
  • If you can still search the theme of the required symbol on the search box, you can take the help of search engines such as Google or Bing. From there also you can directly copy and paste through the web results.


As we l know, the cent symbol is widely used while writing the American currency, which refers to the number of cents. You can directly see the characters on your keyboard or type the percentage sign on most Microsoft Windows windows.

You can insert a percentage sign for running macOS as well. If you cannot proceed with any methods, you will have to adapt other ways, or you can search for the percentage symbol online also, and then you will have to copy-paste it in your document.

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