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How to Manage a Struggling Millennial at Work


Millennials often get misclassified as lazy when their work declines. It is important to note that this is not always the case, and we need to challenge this generation’s bad reputation. This employee may actually be struggling. Instead of using a mass generalization of a generation to inform how you deal with an employee, dig a little deeper into the issue with these tips.

Take Time to Understand the Issue

While we often don’t have enough time in the day, it is important to slow down to fully understand the matter. By assuming that we understand what’s going on, we may make broad assumptions that gloss over the issue without addressing it. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can always consider the help of those who have had significant success supporting millennials, like Eyal Gutentag.

Determine What Is Getting in the Way

Once you know what the problem is, you also need to know what led to it. Whether your employee lacks clear expectations, requires training or feels that they are stifled, these can all be underlying problems that influence the issue at hand and work. Managing Millennials means supporting them, so consider finding ways to remove the barriers to success that may be hindering all employees and find a culture that allows everyone to thrive.

Understand the Ripple Effects

Something you may not have realized is that improperly managing this generation can lead you to ripple effects that negatively affect other parts of the business, including retention issues. Keep in mind that millennials provide a unique perspective that incorporates digital innovation, collaborative work and a focus on employee wellness.

All of these can play an important role in your workplace. It can feel easy to jump to conclusions about why your millennial employee may not be pulling their weight; however, not every situation is as it seems. You must take the time to dissect the issue to create a more positive work environment for all.

You will need millennials, so don’t neglect these problems otherwise you’ll have plenty of other problems on your hands.

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