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Four Tools Used by Marketers for Data Extraction

Data Extraction Tools

Data is the most valuable resource marketers have. However, data in and of itself is not going to revolutionize a marketing strategy.

Scaling data and updating it regularly is essential to stay ahead of market trends and develop products customers want. Data extraction is the best method for getting large amounts of data on an ongoing basis.

What is Data Extraction?

Data extraction involves scraping data from websites. This is done through residential proxies and web scrapers that retrieve HTML code from sites that provide information that powers your marketing.

These sites can be eCommerce platforms, review sites, social media pages, and competing websites.

Retrieving content is an ongoing basis for any marketer, particularly user-generated content. Social media statuses and reviews appear frequently.

They need to be retrieved and analyzed to get a full picture of how customers feel about a particular product or brand. Automating data extraction is a requirement to keep pace with customer sentiment and brand reputation.

Web scrapers aren’t challenging to make with some knowledge of coding. However, scraping Amazon pages without code isn’t difficult with the right web scraper.

Other tools are also essential for data extraction, such as proxies, headless browsers, and tools to integrate various platforms.

The following are tools that can scale data extraction for a more informed approach to marketing.

GeoSurf Residential Proxy

Not just any proxy is ideal for web scraping. To get the job done, there should be no interruptions, and a high-quality proxy should protect the user’s IP address throughout the entire process.

Residential proxies are issued by an internet service provider and are linked to a specific location. This prevents detection by the website and will make it less likely a user IP address will be blocked.

GeoSurf is the right residential proxy for web scraping. It gets past geo-restrictions because it provides 130 geolocations.

This proxy reduces the chances of getting blocked and prevents hackers or predatory websites from intercepting data. This proxy has an API copy and pastes code in many programming languages.

Puppeteer Headless Browser

One of the quickest ways to perform actions on the internet is through a headless browser. It uses an automated system that performs actions like clicking links and downloading documents but without a user interface.

This is how this device gets its name because it is “headless” or without a GUI.

Headless browser functions on the backend, and nothing can be seen on the screen. However, it carries out a sequence of commands as if the user is involved, except it works more quickly and efficiently.

Puppeteer is a top-rated headless browser and can do anything that the user can perform manually. It can automatically take screenshots and download PDF versions of pages.

Also, Puppeteer is ideal for a testing environment and can evaluate website performance. Puppeteer transforms web scraping into an automated process and reduces the time and effort expended on data extraction.


Along with Puppeteer, Selenium is another headless browser used for data extraction and site testing. Selenium is a leading name in the automated web industry and has been around for 16 years.

It supports a multitude of browsers and languages, whereas some only use Chrome.

If Selenium is used together with Appium, data extraction can be automated on mobile platforms. It also provides cross-browser automation support. Selenium also supports various programming languages such as Python, Java, and Node.

Selenium is the ideal choice for those who don’t use Chrome as a browser and require support for diverse programming languages. However, it can be slower than other headless browsers like Puppeteer and have a more complex set-up. However, Selenium is a tried and accurate tool for automated web tasks.


Integromat calls itself “the glue of the internet.” This tool integrates tasks that are essential for data extraction.

This means that it will set your web scraper to extract data from a specific site, check the residential proxy, download the information, store it in a database and notify the user when the process is completed.

Integromat supports hundreds of apps, software, and services. Also, it provides alerts of where to extract data with notifications of social media posts or new reviews.

In addition to powering data extraction processes, integrate can help run an online store, and handle customer service queries.

Tools for the Trade

Data extraction doesn’t need to be laborious. These tools extract the content and automate tasks that allow business owners to focus on running their companies and developing new products.

Automating data extraction provides value, saves money and time, and harvests relevant data regularly.

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