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10 Best Online Tutoring Software Providers

Use Online tutoring software for virtual whiteboards, chats, and video tools to encourage active participation and teamwork, which will improve the learning experience as a whole.

Best Online Tutoring Software

Online tutoring software helps to use advanced algorithms in online tutoring systems to adjust to different ways of learning. This will make your education more effective and tailor it to your needs.

There are several techniques by which the tutor and student come together to make the learning process effective. Moreover, individuals can connect through an online medium with the rapid advancement of technology.

There are many online tutoring software providers available on the market. This software links the tutor and student and provides a platform to learn new skills.

Only the tutors must create an online teaching platform where the students can enrol and register for the specific courses. Once the platform is set, they can learn skillfully through it.

Best Online Tutoring Software

online tutoring software for studentsBefore moving towards online tutoring, the first step is to find the best platform that single-handedly manages all your needed requirements and operations.

The students also choose the best educational platforms to take advantage of and excellent quality services.

In this article, I will talk about the best online tutoring software provider that will help you start online tutoring programs for your students.

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10 Best Online Tutoring Software Platforms

Online Tutoring Software

#1. Tutor Cruncher

Tutor Cruncher is online business management software for small-scale or established tutoring companies. It offers timesheets, payroll, scheduling, invoicing, and tutor-student matching capabilities.

It allows the users to accept card payments, schedule classes, centrally manage email marketing, etc., and much more. It simplifies the tutoring company’s operations.

The platform helps engage users through its tutor-student matching tool to find skilled tutors and facilitates introductions between tutors and students.

It leverages the tutor-student relationship. It is a cloud-based tutor management tool that helps tutoring businesses manage students, workflows, etc.


  • An automated e-invoicing platform with integrated card payment systems
  • Online payment of classes
  • Provide students with an improved client experience.
  • The regular feedback system for students after each lesson
  • Ongoing analysis of tutors’ performance
  • Provides access to reporting and lesson data metrics with an in-depth analysis of each tutor’s performance.

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#2. tutoring

My tutoring is a cloud-based online tutoring platform that integrates scheduling, payment, and many more aspects of starting a tutoring business. It provides everything required to start online tutoring in one place.


  • Admin dashboard
  • Smart scheduling
  • Payment branding
  • Own logo
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Audio-video collaboration
  • Whiteboard tools
  • Analysis of tutor
  • Seamless payment process

#3. Live and learn

Live to Learn is the best online tutoring software that helps you start an online tutoring business under your brand. It is a self-hosted website and a highly optimized real-time online tuition software tool.

It is an open-source online tutoring platform with a ready-made script. You can enjoy the customizations and changes in modular code.

You can also select your own hosting server. Hiring a technical person is not necessary, making it cost-effective and reliable.

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  • Video conferencing
  • Dedicated tutor dashboard
  • Interactive whiteboard tool
  • Admin dashboard
  • Attendance tracking
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Inbuilt payment gateways
  • Multiple language support
  • Developer friendly
  • Integrates with other types of software
  • Reporting

#4. Acquity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling sends automatically customized booking confirmations and text reminders, and it processes payments.

It helps many business owners, freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs regain control of their businesses.

It offers appointment booking directly through your website. The clients can schedule their appointments online worldwide.

They can easily complete custom forms and pay with a credit card in a 24/7 online environment. It eliminates no-show appointments with automatic text messages and email reminders to clients.


  • A responsive scheduling page means clients can book and manage appointments on their devices.
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Back-and-forth emailing
  • Real-time availability of clients
  • Hourly appointments, phone consultations, and selling classes that students need to sign up for

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#5. Oeses online

Oeses manages the schedule and invoice online and takes payments, including credit cards for tutoring or instructional business.

It loads the test data, creates learning and goal plans, and gives a progress report. You can find the right tutor for a student with intelligent matching. It calculates the gross payroll for your employees.


  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Automatic Grading
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Client Management
  • Electronic Assignments and Tests
  • Employee Management
  • Learning Plans
  • Lesson Notes
  • Online Payments
  • Parent / Student Portal
  • Progress Reports

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#6. Vectra

Vectra is a SaaS-based online tutoring service provider. It was founded in 2016 and provides appointment scheduling, online classes and lessons, electronic assessments, tests, etc.


  • Advanced video conference rooms
  • One-click join
  • Whiteboard and co-browsing
  • Convenient for sales
  • Discussion boards
  • Real-time editing
  • Integrated meeting scheduling

#7. Learn speed

Learn Speed manages tutoring, test preparation, counselling, and NPA businesses. The top education service providers in the country use it.

It offers SIS, calendaring, scheduling, payment processing, time tracking, payroll, and many more.

It provides documentation, webinars, and live online. The customers can receive the benefits of the services in the education services industry.

The customers can easily customize the work order template to ensure key information at the initial inquiry. It’s very robust and highly customizable.

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  • Employee management
  • Progress report
  • Client management
  • Billing and invoice
  • Online payments
  • Online classes and lessons

#8. Foresight GPS

Foresight GPS is a learning management tool for students, tutors, and parents to manage goals. It is designed to help professionals in schools, colleges, and universities manage the courses.

It provides the tools to set individual and organizational goals and create a road map to achieve success. It also helps to monitor and track student performance throughout their careers.


  • Activity dashboard: The user can create and modify the student profiles
  • Student performance roadmap
  • Foresight GPS provider: A roadmap tool for displaying performance as a graphical visualization

#9. Takelessons

Takelessons is a SaaS-based free teacher and tutor software that includes scheduling, attendance management, and many more.

The software is also integrated with administration and marketing tools. It helps find the perfect teacher to manage payments and track progress to focus on learning.

Users can compare hundreds of teachers according to their criteria, including background checks, age, and experience.


  • Scheduling
  • Online classes
  • Lesson review from students
  • Local lessons
  • Connect with teachers

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#10. Big Blue Button

BigBlueButton is a web conferencing solution for online learning. One can integrate with their existing LMS with BigBluebutton.


  • Payment portal
  • Student Portal
  • Live whiteboard for presenters and groups
  • Everyone share
  • Deep LMS integration
  • Simple API


Some of the best tutors are moving their businesses completely online, as it eliminates the barriers of traditional learning.

The tutors and students can share a valuable tutoring hour. They make learning for students more efficient and convenient.

The online virtual tutoring software is professional, reliable, and simple to use. The only need is to select the best online tutoring software.

Kathy Alameda is a content strategist at PinLearn. She develops educational technology plans and online learning strategies for schools, businesses, and universities in the USA and other countries. She is also an author and researcher on effective e-learning programs.

For more information and updates about technology, keep visiting Etech Spider. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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