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Accelerate and Streamline Performance Testing with AI-powered Test Automation Tools

Use AI-powered tools to shorten your test cycles, finding and fixing performance issues faster so users have a better experience.

Performance Testing with AI

Performance testing is the process of determining a system’s stability and responsiveness under a particular workload. Performance tests are typically conducted to assess application size, speed, resilience, and dependability.

An integrated and updated ERP infrastructure relies heavily on performance testing. ERP systems come with several cloud apps, dynamic microservices, and tight integration.

They are also quite customizable. Testing teams work more and have less time. This is especially relevant in light of the concurrent DevOps release cycles and the accelerated pace of ERP updates.

Your performance testing will contribute to ensuring that your program offers an excellent user experience and satisfies the necessary service levels.

“The acceptance, success, and productivity of applications are directly proportional to the correct execution of performance testing.”

The success of your digital strategy depends on using a continuous performance testing approach, even if fixing production performance issues can be very expensive.

When should performance testing be done?

Early and regular performance testing is ideal during the software testing lifecycle. As the SDLC goes on, correction costs for performance problems, such as generic software faults, frequently increase.

As the application takes shape, performance tests ought to be a frequent part of the testing procedure.

AI-powered Test Automation Tools

What does performance testing measure?

Performance testing is a useful tool for analyzing several areas of success, including reaction times and possible mistakes.

You can choose how to optimize your application to get rid of problems like defects, failures, and bottlenecks by using these performance metrics to help you discover them with accuracy.

The following is a list of a few performance testing metrics.

Time of loading

The time required for a program to load is known as the load time. Any waiting should be as little as a few seconds at most in order to optimize the user experience.

Time for response

The time elapsed between a user sending information to an application and getting a response is known as response time. Extended response times significantly reduce the application’s appeal to users.


The ability of an application to adjust to varying user counts is known as scalability. For instance, the program performs well when there are few users using it at once but becomes less efficient when there are more users.

Parallel Users

The most common load statistic is the total number of users that are active at any given time. Likewise, it is referred to as load capacity.


It quantifies the amount of bandwidth used throughout the test in kilobytes per second.

Utilization of Memory

The RAM needed in order to handle the requests


Systemic roadblocks, known as bottlenecks, lower an application’s overall performance. They are frequently the result of careless coding or hardware issues.

Opkey: High-Level Performance Testing Solution

Opkey offers an entirely distinct method for conducting performance tests. One that is easy to use for both technical and non-technical users, highly automated across enterprise testing needs, and seamlessly connected with functional and DevOps tools.

Converging the gap between technical and non-technical users

Opkey’s drag-and-drop, no-code interface makes it easy for non-technical users to easily create automated performance tests. By removing the need for specialized resources or training team members in complex programming languages, Opkey also contributes to cost savings.

Ensure that the quality is constant for all use cases.

Opkey is an application-wide performance testing tool. It enables businesses to set up load and performance testing for all use scenarios, such as ERP deployment, migrations, etc.

Opkey empowers teams with varying skill sets to collaborate more efficiently and effectively using a single interface.

Opkey enables users to create and set up performance tests and quickly obtain results across a variety of browsers.

You may save time and effort by using this tool and quickly analyzing the performance of your application.

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