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How To Save Money While You Purchase Online Software

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Buying Software Becomes an Art – 10 Tips to Save Substantially on Your Next Software Purchase.

OK, so here you are ready to buy the latest antivirus, or maybe you want a word-processing program. You may even want something a little more professional like the newest in digital imaging or some other special application.

The only problem is, software can be very costly, quickly running up to more than a few hundred dollars. However, it doesn’t have to be this can find cheap software if you know a few tricks:

Find a Student Copy

One of the best ways of finding cheap software is by looking for that great student copy, even when you aren’t a student. Often, a university or college book shop will have discounted software. You may also find student prices from software companies. Conduct an online search for the manufacturer. Check under the products and you’ll often run across great bargains.

OEM Software

Another great way to find slashed prices is to look for Original Equipment Manufacturer software (OEM). This is software that is originally designed to be pre-installed on a computer. However, there are online providers who offer this software at discounted prices. Often, you can get OEM versions online at a deeper discount than the price available from the manufacturer. At times, you may even find OEM at discounts of 50 percent or more.


When you want to find that fantastically great deal, consider buying bundled software. When you buy several programs together you’ll find they come at deep discounts. However, these are often those deals that come around once in a while. Because they are only available for short periods of times, they may make you susceptible to that ‘impulse buy.’ Still, it does offer an excellent way of getting that inexpensive software you need.

Home Vs. Professional

Buying software often gives you two purchasing options; most manufacturers offer a home or a professional version. While the professional version offers more features and a more complete package, the Home version is a trimmed down rendition of a software program. While you may be unable to pay for the full version, in most cases, the Home or simplified version offers more affordability.

The Prior Version

When an upgraded version is released, often a prior version will go on sale. You can often find software for a prior year at deep discounts. Although we don’t recommend you buy software that is too outdated, getting a version that is just slightly behind the current one can work for your needs. A word of warning though, while this works for most software types, you don’t want to buy a prior year’s version when it comes to antivirus or internet security software. As hackers and fraudsters continually find new ways to harm your computer, you are always better off buying the latest version when it comes to your device security.

Follow the Software Developer

An option that has worked for many people who want cheap software is to follow the software developer on social media platforms. Often, by interacting with the developer you can find great offers and opportunities for special software giveaways and other deals. Big companies always post sales and other specials on their social media profiles.

Don’t Forget the Coupons

Remember, well-known software companies frequently offer numerous coupons for their products. The only difference is these coupons are listed online, instead of in printed publication. Visit coupon sites or run a search for the software you want followed by the words ‘coupon codes’ or ‘promo codes’.

A number of options will turn up. Sorting through the different coupons, could well be worth your time, sometimes saving you as much as 30-40% on software applications.

Comparison Shop

Avid online shoppers get great deals on almost any product, but especially on digital ones, when they comparison shop online. Checking with various vendors gets you the best deal, one unbeatable by any physical store.

The Auction Sites

Be sure to check auction websites for those real discounts. Just beware of the unscrupulous seller or of buying software that isn’t new.

Seasonal Promotions

There are several days in a year when you can get upto 80-90% off the price. Never forget about such days as Black Friday and Cyber Monday (two great ones), New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Independent Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Memorial Day etc. Actually all public and national holidays in USA can be the reason to receive big savings.

Bottom Line

Before jumping in feet first make sure you read the entire software description. Don’t forget to check shipping prices too. Some vendors raise the shipping cost, so they can offer lower purchasing costs, but in the end, you pay a higher than expected price, especially if you are unaware of the shipping price. Be sure to look around, just as you would with other products you shop for.

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