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How Infrared Thermal Cameras Help Stop the Spread Of COVID-19 in Major Public Places

Infrared Thermal Cameras

How Infrared Thermal Cameras Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19 in Major Public Places. The fight against COVID-19 is far from over. Aside from the threat to the public’s health and wellbeing, the virus also greatly affected the economy and the normal way of life.

Thus, Australia implemented stricter measures to ensure that the transmission will no longer spread and affect more people. The government required all businesses to keep their workforce safe and come up with safe work practices to reduce the virus’ spreading.

They need to double their efforts in making sure that workers are healthy, which is why most companies choose to invest in symptom monitoring devices like an infrared thermal camera. This device is common in airports and other transportation ports.

Infrared thermal cameras can detect fever faster than other types of thermometers. Business owners who want to boost their safety measures against the virus need to know this important information about the common thermal device.

Perks of Infrared Thermal Camera

There are plenty of benefits when using an infrared thermal camera to monitor fever in large public places. First, it is an ideal non-contact solution to check if a person has a high temperature.

The screeners no longer have to get near their subjects like they need to do when using a digital thermometer. It also gives the fastest results since different people’s temperature flash on the screen as they pass by the front of the camera.

The system also includes an alarm that lets screeners know that a person has a high body temperature. It is highly accurate with minimal margins of error. More importantly, infrared thermal camera models available these days are very portable and can be installed in most public areas easily.

How Did Infrared Thermal Cameras Help During The Past Health Dilemmas

For decades, airports worldwide have been using an infrared thermal camera to screen passengers for fever. It became an integral part of operations in Australian airports since 2009 when the world was facing the threat of swine flu (H1N1).

It was one of the government’s first measures against the infection that affected plenty of people worldwide. The screeners will instantly pinpoint who among the arriving individuals has a high body temperature and have them diagnosed by physicians to determine if they have the infection.

This device was also widely used in 2014 during the global Ebola outbreak. The presence of an infrared thermal camera in airports put the public at ease by reassuring them that the government is doing everything that they can to prevent the spread of different viruses in the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a huge toll all over the world. Even highly developed and high-income countries like Australia had to deal with the repercussions of the pandemic. With the help of infrared thermal camera devices installed in major public areas and corporate offices, everyone will have peace of mind knowing that the government and business owners are doing everything that they can to curb the spread of the virus.

Until the pharmaceutical companies find a vaccine that can stop the dreaded disease, monitoring the symptoms could be one of the best lines of defence that everyone can do to protect the people.

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