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Top 7 Best POS Systems For Small Business

Small businesses can benefit from POS solutions. With our expert help, you can make transactions easier and maximize your success.

pos systems for small business

All Small Business will need a POS system (point of sale) that connects back-office accounting and front-end payments, regardless of whether they are setting up an online store or a brick-and-mortar retailer.

In today’s competitive market, choosing the best POS system for small businesses is crucial. It allows small businesses to accept customer payments in-store and assists with inventory tracking.

The major reason for a POS system for small businesses is that it improves customer experience by allowing you to track sales, inventory, and employee performance easily. That’s what every small business owner needs.

A modern POS system for small businesses that allows customers to pay multiple times is essential. The few available POS systems for small businesses that are reliable, simple, and affordable for employees and customer management are the best.

7 Best POS Systems For Small Businesses

Best POS Systems

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There are many options for POS systems for small businesses available when choosing the right restaurant POS system, and it all depends on your required POS features. This article will discuss the best POS systems available for small businesses.

#1. Square POS

Square POS is a mobile POS system that retail stores can use to manage their inventory.

This is the ideal choice for startups looking for simple and powerful accounting software to help them get off to a strong start.

Small businesses have plenty of growth potential with this POS system.


  • The basic plan has no monthly fees
  • It is easy to set up the hardware and software
  • Analytics and reporting in real-time
  • Transparent transaction costs


  • It is pretty expensive to transact.
  • Higher payment processing fees are charged

With this flexible service, you can turn any mobile device, including Android or iOS, into a point-of-sale restaurant system. It is the most affordable POS system, with low entry barriers.

The platform’s flexibility and various pricing options make it ideal for small businesses.

It doesn’t charge monthly processing fees, and you can start immediately. Square POS can make contactless payments for customers from any location.

It is easy to set up, use, and plug directly into your phone or tablet. It can process credit card transactions and customer payments even if the internet or phone service is unavailable.

pos systems for restaurants

#2. Revel

Revel offers a complete suite of restaurant POS software—the best POS system for restaurants and coffee shops.

The point-of-sale system can be customized to accommodate high-volume restaurants, brick-and-mortar stores, and small grocery shops.

The central management system ensures that everything is consistent, even though your business may have multiple locations.


  • It features a flexible and robust system
  • An intuitive user interface
  • Includes granular reporting tools
  • An insights app is available for reporting
  • Back office management systems
  • There are no fees for payment processing


  • It is not easy to set up the system.

If you’re looking for a solution to customer retention, this small business POS system will be the right one. The system has a user-friendly interface that makes customer relationship management simple.

There are also a variety of tools you can use to help. It includes all the essential features that small businesses need, including inventory management and menus.

It boasts a reporting and analytics suite that allows users to monitor their profits and losses. This software’s most vital selling point is its CRM capabilities.

The sophisticated tools also allow you to create customer loyalty programmes and update customer information.

This software offers a variety of point-of-sale systems that are specifically tailored for small retail businesses and restaurants.

#3. Clover

Clover is a POS system that streamlines your inventory management and payment processing. Clover is a POS system that’s highly adaptable and ideal for online orders. This point-of-sale system does not charge any payment processing fees.


  • There are many hardware options available.
  • You can try it for free
  • Flexible and sleek hardware options
  • It can be customized to fit any industry


  • It requires a website that is already in existence.
  • Additional features may incur an additional charge

Because it offers a mobile POS app and an intuitive user interface, the POS system can allow you to add online orders.

Features like online sales reports, inventory, and customer loyalty tools make managing any business easy. Small businesses can also use it to track credit card transactions and manage their finances.

It allows you to track customer information and keep an eye on contactless credit card payments. The POS system replaces outdated processes such as a cash register, paper receipt printer, or barcode scanner.

It protects your transactions from fraudulent activity and ensures they are secure. Customer support can be reached via email or telephone. 

#4. eHopper: Free POS System

The all-in-one touchscreen software can manage inventory and customer accounts and create barcodes.

This POS system is ideal for small businesses and includes everything small business owners need to work for their company.


  • It includes inventory management
  • This is a small business POS system that’s affordable.
  • It works with all tablets


  • Customers are charged processing fees for credit cards.

This POS system works on existing hardware. It offers a variety of hardware options, such as bundles, receipt printers, credit card terminals, scanners, and credit card terminals.

eHopper can be used with either your existing hardware or an Android tablet. You can also purchase hardware bundles, thermal receipt printers, and cash drawers.

It offers low-cost options and advanced inventory management tools. You can also add a loyalty program to your plan.

You can access the online knowledge base of the POS system and get excellent customer service via email or telephone.

#5. Vend: Best Retail POS Software

Vend POS, a cloud-based POS system that is user-friendly and flexible, has an on-accountant. This top-rated retail POS system offers store credit, loyalty programs, and easy product catalogue management.

It also has offline payment processing.


  • It is user-friendly
  • Flexible check-out options
  • The POS provider provides 24/7 support
  • E-commerce integration is strong
  • Six businesses of different sizes


  • Low-priced tires offer limited information.

Point-of-sale software is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an intuitive and robust package.

You can add contactless third-party payments via PayPal, Shopify, and Square POS. It offers excellent e-commerce integration, making it easy to sell online across digital, mobile, and physical channels.

You can request a customized solution with an account manager to manage a large company. Vend offers a free POS software trial to help you decide if it is right for your business.

The POS system comes with a native loyalty program that can be used to schedule employees and manage multi-channel inventory.

#6. TouchBistro: Restaurant Management POS System

TouchBistro offers everything a small business owner needs in a restaurant POS system.

TouchBistro is a top POS system and all-in-one software that allows you to create self-service kiosks, customer-facing displays, a kitchen display, and menu designs.

The POS system can be integrated with online ordering and reservations.


  • Both offline and online
  • Integrate easily with payment apps, gateways, and payment providers
  • It is stable and flexible
  • A kitchen display system with a customer-facing display and a display for the kitchen


  • It can be challenging to navigate.

This software is designed for restaurants, food trucks, and bars. It was created with restaurants in mind. It includes inventory management, menu management, and payment processing.

CRM, table ordering, and staff scheduling are some of its features. It is ideal for food businesses that sell food, as it has robust server and kitchen-specific features.

You can also reach out to customer service via email or phone 24/7. They will offer training services for large businesses.

They can provide your software, or you can purchase it. However, since this is a software-only POS provider, users will need to supply their POS hardware.

#7. Lightspeed: Cloud-Based POS System

Lightspeed offers POS solutions to restaurants and retailers, simplifying them to save time by providing a central purchasing catalogue. This POS system is ideal for complex inventory businesses.


  • Analytics and detailed inventory
  • Onboarding and support are available 24/7
  • Solid e-commerce platform
  • best POS system to manage inventory


  • Navigating the user interface is difficult
  • Small businesses can’t afford a POS system that is too expensive

Lightspeed is not as well-known as other POS systems, but it’s still a top-notch inventory management system. It’s a cloud-based POS system that’s reliable and easy to use.

This POS system includes multi-channel selling, payment processing, and inventory management. The system is easy to use and convenient. You can also increase your sales chances by using local ads via Google.

This point-of-sale solution is the best accounting software for retail locations that require work orders, custom items, or purchase orders. However, this POS system isn’t the best option for small or niche-specific retailers, and it is ideal for large retail stores.

What is the purpose of the POS system?

Point-of-sale software and hardware allow you to process payments for various products and services quickly.

It’s a vital business system that manages everything, from customer management to employee management, payroll processing, inventory management, and shipping services.

These POS systems used to only accept cash, checks, and credit cards in the past. Today’s POS providers include cash drawers, a receipt printing machine, and barcode scanners.

Modern systems and credit card readers enable you to process payments using mobile devices like the iPad POS system and Android devices. Mobile POS systems can accept online payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

What are the different types of small business POS systems?

There are many POS systems to consider before you choose the right solution. There are traditional POS systems and stand-alone POS solutions that are popular with many retailers. You can also use iPad solutions to store your iPad securely on a stand or transport it around the store.

Most restaurant POS systems today place some or all features in the cloud, giving you access to different tools on different devices. You can improve the customer experience by using POS software and hardware.

Is online point-of-sale software good or bad?

A good online point-of-sale (POS) and inventory system is a key part of increasing sales in stores by making service delivery and management more efficient. For example, it can help with scheduling workers, marketing, and keeping an eye on stock.

The method also gives great customer service, which makes people want to shop at your business again. This could be the best program for your store, so you can be sure of reaching your goals.

But make sure you only buy the system from the best and most experienced POS provider. If you buy POS software online from a bad company, they might not give you the best answer for your business.

Know about the Online POS Software

The only thing that makes an online POS system different from a regular one is that you can reach it over the internet instead of buying hardware.

With the best and largest cloud data storage that online point-of-sale (POS) software offers, you can keep track of all your business transactions whenever you need to.

But before you put the system in your store, you should talk to professionals to make sure the software is right for your business.

Ability to access

The online point-of-sale (POS) is easy to take to the customer, which makes it easier to use and more efficient. You can use this POS system on your computer, so it might be best to check it out at music festivals, events, or even at home.

In short, the online point-of-sale (POS) software lets you let your customers use credit cards to pay from afar, which will help you make more money.

Fitting in

One system won’t be enough to meet all of your business’s wants. Online point-of-sale (POS) software can be linked to other programs, like financial software, eBay or Amazon accounts, or any other online store, to help your retail business run more smoothly.

Better customer service

For better customer service, you will need systems that can sync your sales data, like inventory and things, across all of your business systems. The cloud-based POS system gives you more ways to connect other systems, which could be helpful for the long-term growth and planning of your business.

To get more benefits and give better customer service, you will need to connect the online point of sale (POS). There are only a few things that the machine can do.

The online point-of-sale Software can only do most of its work when it is connected to the internet. So, if you move to a place with bad internet, you might not be able to use the software properly.

Small companies that sell things might find the monthly fees too expensive at times.

Last Thoughts

You must choose the right POS system for your business’s success. The POS system can be used to track sales and inventory and let you know when it is time to restock.

The POS system can help you track your sales, stocks, and refunds to maximise profits and decrease losses.

The best POS software combines inventory, payroll, customer management, payment processing, payroll, accounting, and other services to create a powerful POS software package and hardware.

This article has reviewed the top point-of-sale solutions available. With all the options available, you are sure to find the one that suits your needs.

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