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Thawte SSL Certificates: Multi-Level Security Layers For Websites

Thawte SSL Certificates

When your website starts getting traffic, it will mean that there would be an exchange of data between the web browser (that is being used to access your website) and the web server at the backend. Unless those data are secured, the users will begin to lose their confidence on your website. If the site supports e-commerce and its related financial transactions, then this is very dangerous, because if the user doesn’t have confidence, then they will not carry out their transactions there.

This can be resolved by getting an SSL Certificate for your website. Unless your website has the proper and dependable certificate from a good SSL certificate provider, it will fail to gain the trust of users and therefore will fail to grow. The good news about SSL certificates is that there are numerous providers who can help you get your certificate. The bad news is, well, that there are numerous providers, which makes it very difficult to decide which is best. We bring you below a few quick points to consider while you are unsure of which provider to use.

Thawte SSL Certificates For Multi-Level Security

Before you go into a comparison of the features of the certificate, you would need to assess the comparative costs. You wouldn’t want to save money at the cost of your security, but it doesn’t mean that you should splurge money needlessly on getting the same benefits which you can get for less elsewhere, if there are no other factors.

Customer Support
Would you getfull support on email or phone? Email has its limitations, because you might not get immediate resolution. Even on phone, your support is immediate, but the phone lines should be open night and day.

While warranty is almost a standard part of every provider’s offering, yet the cost of giving the same warranty often varies, as does the coverage. For example, Thawte SSL Certificates provide you a warranty of $1.25 million, which is much more than many others.

Relation with CA
Most providers have a tie up with the certifying authority, but you must check the extent of the partnership. Ideally, the CA should be issuing from their own roots, but not to intermediate roots.

Tenure of experience
Because SSL certification is so important, hence many companies have seized this opportunity and become providers of SSL certificates. But you should be wary of the new providers, and go with someone who has lots of experience. Thawte SSL Certificates, for example, come from a company who has been doing this for more than two decades.

Multiple Specialities
As we said above, SSL certification is a great opportunity, and many have jumped on the bandwagon. Many companies are actually into other areas of IT but have added on SSL certification just so that they do not lose out on the business opportunities. But you should go for a provider for whom SSL certification is a core speciality.

So we talked about why SSL certificate is important, and we also discussed some of the things to look out for so that you can choose a dependable service provider who can provide a good product like Thawte SSL Certificates. This will ensure that your website is sufficiently safeguarded against hackers who can wreak havoc with your data if they manage to get through your website.

There is one more issue that we haven’t talked about yet. Apart from the data security of your website, there is one more important reason to go in for SSL certification. All websites vie with each other to get a better rank on search in search engines search results. And Google is the biggest search engine of them all. Google continuously improves and modifies its search algorithm so that no website can synthetically influence the search results. One of the factors that Google has introduced in its algorithm is the presence of an SSL Certificate, which would show up on the website’s URL. So if your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, it stands to lose out on search results.

In summary it can be said that an SSL Certificate can help your website in three primary ways, summarized as customer trust, security of data, and search engine optimization.

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