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macOS Catalina: The Ultimate Guide TomacOS Security

macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina was released last year in October and has been available to download for users now. Apple has been known to create systems, programs, and software that are tough to crack into. As compared to other systems and operating systems, macOS is considered to be the toughest to hack.

With every update and release, this security gets tighter and the program more complex. This means that the chances of any programmer getting unauthorized access to your computer get slimmer. Now, what are these changes that the company has put in place?

Some of the critics have even claimed that it is by far the most secured upgrade rolled out. Here is a guide to macOS Catalina security, have a look:

macOS Catalina Security

Enhanced Protection of Core Data

This is quite an interesting change that Apple has made. Since the beginning, Apple used to code OS in such a way that the files that contained the data were kept in the same disk volume as of other programs. Now things have changed, all this data will now be kept in a separate secure volume, far from other data, files, and programs.

This will make the OS more safe and secure from any malicious programs. It will also make the applications to go through more security checks before they can be approved by the OS to get launched.

Blacklisting Mails

If you have upgraded to Catalina, then you won’t have to worry about all the annoying emails that you get from unknown or disturbing (irritating) sources that you have been bearing so far. Just open the email and click on the arrow next to that particular sender’s name and click on Block Contact and it is done.

Simple and easy. To check the list of all the blacklisted senders, you have made and if you want to unblock any of them, go to Mail’s Preferences settings > Junk Mail and click on Blocked.

Notification on a Weak Password

We can say that Apple has given a lot of thought on the security of data of its users with Catalina.  The system will let you know whenever you are creating a new password, which is not upto the mark or weak. Apple doesn’t want your passwords to get cracked easily, so they have developed a notification alert to let you know that you need to make some changes and will also suggest a new password in case you are confused, which one to choose.

Acts as Gatekeeper

If you think that Gatekeeper is basic protection of your system, then no. It is instead a crucial part of Apple’s macOS security system. It partly works as an antivirus. For example, whenever you install a new third-party program, a software not developed by Apple, then the macOS security will scan through the application for malware and other suspicious activities.

Now earlier, the app used to check an application for suspicious activities once. However, now, this will be done each time you launch the app. Similarly, all the developers and programmers that want to create apps for macOS Catalina will have to submit the code to Apple for scanning and approval before it can be released.

Find My Device

So far, this feature is my favorite; it is called “Find My.” Now, what does it do? This feature comes only with the latest updates from Apple like Catalina, iOS 13, and the latest update on iPads, it helps protect your device in case of theft and find it even if it is misplaced.

Now you may ask what is new in this; it has been in the market, in other devices for long. You are right, but Apple devices can now find each other even without an internet connection, which is intriguing, right? This update lets you find you and your relatives’ Apple devices quite easily.

Once your device is lost, then launch the “Find My” and then your Apple device will be searched through every other Apple device in the world by low-frequency Bluetooth waves. It sounds just like in movies.

Screen Time

Now you can control the screen time of your kids and even yourself in a better way if they are watching movies or surfing the internet. Whatever they are doing, you can easily keep an eye on their actions. Which website they visited, how long were they there, which movie they saw, what purchases they made, etc.

You can even restrict their access to some of the sites like adult sites and limit the screen times if they are watching too much of online content. It becomes handier when your kid is using devices for his or her studies. This way, you get to know if they are really studying or just wasting time.

So these were some of the best security features of macOS Catalina by Apple that I wanted to share with you. Apple goes above and beyond to ensure its essential user security. So even if you have any sensitive data and information on your mac, you don’t have to worry about it.

This article is written by Sophia Kaile, content writer at Systweak Software. Sophia is loves to write about speed up mac with cleaning software and other utility apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

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