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How To Save Animated GIF To Your iPhone

How to save Animated GIF to iPhone

Humor is one of the biggest things which needs better place to play in the most important segments in everyone’s lives. Animated GIF is one of the most popular for that. So, Do you know How To Save Animated GIF to iPhone!

If NOT, Here are Best 6 Ways To Save Animated GIF to Your iPhone. There are ample of reasons why GIFs are really important unless the last couple of years.

GIFs offer with endless source of immense fun and please choose Save image to save the GIF to your Camera Roll. Running.

6 Best Ways To Save Animated GIF to iPhone

#1. GIF added to the CAMERA ROLL

When you are to find the right GIF you will need to save the same. The tap and hold the image for the moment willing to see the right menu.

As soon as it appears choosing the right image, make sure you save the GIF to your Camera roll. iPhone never supports any kind of moving images.

#2. Intend to save GIF File

If you are simply looking at the same image and intend to save it, you will have to make sure that save the pic will be highly static and would not move.

The same thing will also not happen as you will never try to edit it as a GIF file.  Images are rightly saved and maintained well.

Users will also need to find a perfect variant that can help in saving the Advanced Save Animation that lets you in setting a custom name for the GIF.

#3. Save Image on Camera Roll

You will have to click on SAVE IMAGE to save the GIF on your CAMERA ROLL. After that you will need to run the PHOTOS APP and then move on to find the image you have rightly saved.

The Photos app going the camera Roll and find the best message. TAP on the MESSAGE and MAIL to send the messages to your own email and phone number so that viewing the animated photos becomes easy.

#4. Added to chatting history

Users can always share the GIF with the friend and then see it happen in the chatting history. This method is very simple, the special tech knowledge and expertise is right `displayed.

GIF WRAPPED is one of the free apps that let in to find the downloading as well as storing the GIF images. Things can be rightly added to the chatting history and used while chatting with the contacts.

#5. SAVE it to the LIBRARY

If you can prefer using the web browsers, make sure you do it with proper easiness. As soon as the image is loaded with completeness, you need t tap the button in the top right corner and then choose to save it in the LIBRARY of the phone.


You need to GO TO LIBRARY (present at the bottom left corner) and then check the GIF. If in this case you have the account for the Dropbox, you will simply need to add it to the GIF WRAPPER and then send the new files directly to the cloud storage.

Animations can also be saved in the right objective owing to the right procedures.


GIFs are all rightly saved in the phone and highly maintained with the right presentation in the moments. No image in the Camera roll or images can be moveable.

Downloaded GIFs within the app can help in sending the message, Email, save to camera Roll and then create phone contact highly available in the iPhones.

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