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How To Test Mobile Apps Using Online Testing Tools

Apps Testing Tools

Nothing is better than manually testing mobile applications, and not using emulators and simulators. Real-time testing helps an app developer understand the various quirks and problems an app or device might pose in conjunction with each other.

FoneMonkey for iOS

FoneMonkey for iOS is a great tool that helps developers test applications for iOS devices. It is functional and allows for interactive creation and moreover. Also, it helps the developer and tester edit and play back scripts on the user interface.

iOS is one of the easiest developing platforms, and iOS is consistent and doesn’t have problems that one usually runs into with Android.


Use iPhoney and you can see how your design appears on an iPhone. It’s a great web-browsing environment, powered by Safari. It comes with a great 320 x 480 pixel canvas that mimics iPhones, but one must remember that it is not an exact iPhone simulator, it just mimics iPhone’s browser, allowing developers and designers to see for themselves.

W3C mobileOK Checker

Here’s a great application that lets developers evaluate how mobile-friendly an app really is. It tests ways to determine mobile-friendliness and it even checks if web content is delivered in a fashion that conforms with the mobile web best practices. It also helps developers catalyze content instead of just theoretical user experience.

Modify Headers

This is an open source tool that helps you to add, filter and even modify requests pertaining to HTTP headers. It helps you check HTTP privacy and tests the efficacy as well. Additionally, this add-on is a great way you can enhance mobile web development.


With everyone now using mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to check how a website appears on a mobile device instead on an old fashioned desktop browser. dot Mobi is a great tool that lets developers check if a certain website shows up correctly on a mobile web browser.

Google Android Emulator

Android is probably the most popular mobile platform today probably because it’s open source. Also, the cheaper devices can run Android without paying hefty licensing fees. This, along with its versatility, has ensured that Android is used on almost all mobile devices, except of course, those manufactured by Apple, Microsoft or BlackBerry.

Android SDK

Another tool developers might need is the Android SDK itself. It provides developers with API libraries and many tools to test, build and even debug apps. One of the nicest things you can do is to download the ADT bundle, then you can quickly start developing applications.

iPad Peek

iPad Peek is a great tool to see how a website looks on an iPad. It is a helpful and useful tool that reminds developers what looks good on an iPhone and what might not always look good on an iPad. That is probably a good reason that you should consider using your responsive web design skills.

BlackBerry Simulators

If you still are considering developing applications for BlackBerry’s platform, you use the BlackBerry 10 simulator or BlackBerry’s PlayBook Simulators. You’ll need to install VMware player on Windows, and if you’re using a Mac, you’ll need to use VMware Fusion to view, test and debug your applications.

Apphance and Appgrader

Apphance by uTest is an interesting tool for mobile applications that lets developers distribute apps over-the-air, collect and even report crash data. It also features in-app bug reports and user feedback.No matter which platform you design an application for, be sure you have the right tools and the right kits.

It’s important that you verify and check for user experience before launching an application, because an application that doesn’t look right or one that doesn’t function well will look bad on you as a developer and also your client.There are lots of handy app testing tools both online and offline.

Real time testing in a device lab is also very important. If you cannot afford to have a full-scale device testing lab, the KEY may be for you to opt for an open testing lab.

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