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How To Use Speed Dial on an iPhone

How To Use Speed Dial on an iPhone

Speed dial is an easy activity that works great when dialling the most called numbers from the list. The speed dial option is also supported in the iPhone.

Instead of assigning the numbers on the keypad, it will be easy to speed dial the iPhone visual contact list’s favourite contacts.

If you have an iPhone, make sure that you use the speed dial feature from it. It is known as Favorites. Users of the iPhone can use the numbers instead of rightly associating the phone numbers with the numbers on the mobile keypad.

You can track the feature within the PHONE MENU. The contact list will be visible, and it is sure to show up the names from your contacts.

How To Use Speed Dial on an iPhone

Once you are alleviating any the burden, make sure that you make a list of the phone numbers assigned with buttons. Once you are getting tired of using it, you can quickly contact the business associates.

The VIP customers are always without VIP customers instead of scrolling the VIP numbers without spooling down through the entire list of the contacts.

Create a Favorite contact list within the following steps-

  1. Open the app and click on CONTACTS and then on the + icon from the upper right corner
  2. Tap ADD PHONE and enter the PHONE NUMBERS
  3. Change the type of phone numbers and then click on HOME
  4. For multiple phone numbers, click on DONE and finish creating the contacts
  5. Once done, add the favourites again and again
  6. Once complete, tap FAVOURITE and click the number you want to call

Apple never includes any way that creates shortcuts to contacts on the iPhone home screen, but with the workaround, you can add the phone shortcuts to the safari favourites. For any edit, tap on EDIT and pick the freshly selected bookmark. 

Final Words

You can access the INFO page for the contact on the Favorites list by tapping the blue arrow next to the contact name. Speed dial makes typing a number easier than compared to the other activities.

Speed dialling on the iPhone makes things right at the tip of the hand. The shortcuts are yet to measure the growth of technology.

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