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Comparisons Between Classic and Current WOW

world of warcraft

Wow, also known as World of Warcraft, is an online multiplayer player game that has attracted a lot of gamers in the past. With the increase in popularity of WOW game, developers are going to release the classic version of World of Warcraft.

Classic Wow is going to release on 27th of August this year. The game will be available for Windows and Microsoft OS user. However, the PlayStation and Xbox one users will not be able to experience this game on their respective platform.

But what will be different between current wow and the classic wow? Below I’m going to make a comparison between classic and current WOW that will let you know the difference.


Add-ons will be one of the significant differences in the current and classic version of the game. It is confirmed that the Classic WOW will contain a mixture of new and old Add-ons.

The mix of all these add-ons means that some of the Add-ons will be utterly new while some Add-ons will be from the previous version of the game.

These Add-ons will help you to improve the experience of the game and make the game more enjoyable to play. For example, the user will require an Add-ons system that will guide him about the Boss in the game.

Old Bugs and Glitches

There were some bugs and glitches within the previous edition of the game that was also confirmed by Blizzard. Previously due to the glitch, the Regnerus gets removed with his capability if you cleared anima.

These glitches and bugs affected the game quality, which users did not like. However, these bugs and glitches were not significant in number that was the reason that only a few people know about them.

The developers of the WOW game Blizzard Entertainment keep on bring a lot of improvement in each game they release, and fans are expecting the same thing with WOW classic. So we may observe a lot of development in the upcoming World of Warcraft classic version.

The Community

The Community factor in Classic WOW will be much more significant, but the leveling will become difficult, and there will be no dungeon finder in the game.

Player interaction will be encouraged due to which the user may find different ways to communicate within the game. Moreover, there is not a cross room grouping that means that the user will be able to observe his server members.

The voice programs will also be freely available to everyone which was not available in the past. To know more things about the classic version of the game, we need to wait for the actual release.


We might observe some new features in World of Warcraft classic version as compare to the original one. However, there is not much news regarding the new features because the game is not out yet.

 Although some functionality might be the same in the classic version while there may be some new features also, in case we get any news, we will let you know through the article.

There are some new items added in the classic version of the game. The player can obtain those items via the World of Warcraft classic gold.

You may also see WOWC gold for sale on a different website. But try to search for a valid source so that you don’t get scammed in buying World of Warcraft classic gold.

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