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Make a Beauty Statement at your next Corporate Function

There seems to be no end to the hot trend of wearing false eyelashes these days. With tech markets heating up and expanding their reach into various sectors one constant will remain- at some point you are probably going to have to get dressed up to attend some corporate function or awards ceremony.

And for women who want to get out of their comfort zone, or take their fashion statement up a notch, try adding eyelash enhancements to your look.

No one can say for sure when the popular trend of wearing false eyelashes began, but there are written reports of using silk, thread, human hair and mink fur to create the desired effect of full lashes going back more than a hundred years.

There are numerous entries in books about fashion and etiquette that suggest women have desired long, full eyelashes to enhance their beauty for generations and have suffered various deprivations to achieve this look.  One author in the late 1880’s even  suggested having human hair sewn into the eyelids.

Maybe that’s the origin of the term that “beauty is painful.”  Over time techniques have greatly improved and the materials used to create false eyelashes have gotten much better.

Today women who desire long, thick eyelashes have the choice to get theirs augmented with fake lashes of varying degrees of quality – from short term throw away styles from the dollar store to top quality products costing hundreds of dollars. If having top quality eyelash extensions is your goal, consider using a Groupon coupon that can save you lots of time and money.

One of the best kept secrets in town is how much you can save using Groupon to get great local deals from service providers and professionals in your neighborhood.  A quick search turned up lots of deals on eyelash extensions by using coupons you can apply from your smart phone to save as much as 50%.

And we’re talking about having master technicians doing the work in plush surroundings at some of the poshest boutiques in town.  And right now you can get a full set of faux mink lashes with an optional fill for less than $80!  That’s a huge savings over what you’d normally pay.

There’s even a deal for a full set of mink lashes for 70% off saving you hundreds of dollars.  And to sweeten the pot, Groupon allows you to enter a code that will knock off another $25 off the deal for a first time customer.  So ditch the heels and focus on your eyes for your next corporate function.

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