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SEO PowerSuite: A Powerful SEO Management Software

SEO PowerSuite SEO Management Software

It is quite difficult to get into the top positions of search results and stay there for a long time. This is why many companies invest in SEO as it helps businesses thrive, develop and grow.

SEO managers have a plethora of tools to track high and low-frequency keywords, audit websites, and check link performance. The problem is that it is difficult to work with many different tools, each of which performs a specific task. Moreover, many effective tools are expensive.

In this regard, SEO management becomes complex and costly work. But there is powerful software that combines all the necessary tools. In comparison with many other tools, it is much cheaper.

In this article, we will talk about SEO PowerSuite, how it works, and its advantages and disadvantages.

SEO PowerSuite – The perfect solution to all your issues

With this software, you can get the perfect solution for all your SEO issues as this powerful tool includes 4 effective desktop applications that can be used on PCs and laptops with any operating system.

It includes:

  • WebSiteAuditor;
  • RankTracker;
  • SEO SpyGlass;
  • LinkAssistant.

This comprehensive solution allows both advanced managers and beginners to easily perform tasks effectively without any experience. Thanks to it, you can take a leading position in the selected search engine or all at once.

#1. WebSite Auditor

The first thing that can affect the ranking of a website in any search engine is the presence of technical errors. To start solving other problems, first of all, you should start by auditing the site.

Using this tool, you can not only quickly check the website for technical errors, but also check each page to understand in detail what is the threat.

During the test, you will be able to identify both structural problems and problems with HTML encoding for an incorrect display of text on pages.

WebSite Auditor

Other features:

  1. You can visualize the complete structure of your web resource using interactive map tools. With this map in front of you, you can trace the links between all the pages. Besides, you can get information about the internal rating of pages, as well as find out the number of page views.
  2. Explore each page for detailed technical specifications. You can also check if keywords appear in different elements, including page titles, meta descriptions, body text, and illustrations and images. Moreover, you can not only view the information but also make changes if the keywords are missing and see how everything will look for users right away.
  3. If something slows down the loading speed of the site and pages, then you can find the sources that affect the slowdown and eliminate them.
  4. You can quickly analyze published content, receive detailed information, as well as find out whether the posted content is relevant and up-to-date. You will be able to enter a specific keyword, after which the system will analyze the content of your competitors, and you will be able to determine what is wrong and fix it. Besides, it is an effective tool for building a new strategy.
  5. You can check how authoritative your domain is. You will see all the factors that affect this indicator, and get a complete picture of indexing, the number of backlinks, and much more.

#2. Rank Tracker

Once you’ve completed the first step, it’s time to start checking your website’s rankings and identifying new keywords that you haven’t used before.

This process will take into account your competitors as well as the amount of traffic. At the same time, it will be possible to find the most effective and high-frequency keywords in the selected search engines.

Rank Tracker

Other features:

  1. The keywords used can be tracked and you will get information about how many users visit your website. You can group them to track their performance and see how they help grow your business.
  2. You can start looking for other words or keyword phrases that aren’t in your content. Moreover, there would be information about the number of expected visitors. In addition, you can track which phrases, words, and combinations your direct competitors are using. All new keywords can be archived so as not to lose them and analyzed again to check their effectiveness.
  3. You can look for and analyze keywords that will be valuable for your company. Here, various indicators will be taken into account, such as the complexity of words, the number of queries related to them in search engines, the level of competition, and much more.

#3. SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass SEO Management Software

You can focus on improving your website rankings and doing your best to increase the number of visitors, but in addition to that, you can focus on tracking the success of your competitors.

Such an analysis will help to pay attention to their strengths and weaknesses so that you can determine what you need to improve to get ahead of your rivals.

This software offers to check backlinks and build a profile, after which you can compare your profile with your competitors’ profiles of such links to determine common ground.

In addition, it is important to check the quality of links and eliminate dangerous ones that can increase the risk of penalties.

You will be provided with more than 50 indicators, thanks to which you can quickly determine whether a link is dangerous. If found, you can contact the webmasters to get rid of them.

#4. LinkAssistant

LinkAssistant SEO Management Software

Particular emphasis in the work should be done on obtaining backlinks from authoritative sources. This process can take a long time, but it is highly effective. Here you can search for potential prospects, manage links, and also make SEO reports.

Every manager knows that it is important not to have lots of backlinks from various sources, but to have quality backlinks. Thus, it is necessary to look for quality resources from which you can get a backlink, which can be easily done in this program.

If you have several sources in mind, you can analyze them. During this process, you will learn about their ranking, determine the authority of the resource and domain, and more.

Having found suitable options, right in the program you can get the contact details of your prospects, as well as contact them by sending an email.

After sending an email, you will be able to receive information about whether the email has been read and whether there is a response.


  • You can get acquainted with the functionality of the software for free to understand its effectiveness, although not all functions will be available;
  • The professional plan costs $596/year. This plan is suitable for webmasters as well as site owners;
  • The Enterprise package costs $1,396/year. This solution will be an ideal option for companies involved in SEO promotion.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Solving all SEO tasks in one place;
  • Quick and efficient search for authoritative sources for backlinks;
  • Tracking the activities of competitors, as well as checking for dangerous links;
  • The best tool for content optimization;
  • Available and inexpensive


  • Not a cloudapplication.

Final Verdict

If you are tired of using dozens of tools, then SEO PowerSuite will be the perfect option where you can fully engage in SEO management.

4 powerful tools allow you to audit your website, improve rankings and track effective keywords, monitor competitors, and work with backlinks.

This is not a complete list of what this software is capable of, so many more useful features can be found here.

In addition, this software will be easy to use for both advanced professionals and inexperienced beginners.

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