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Technology is the Key to Great Online Gaming

Whether you’re engaged in a days-long multiplayer event with competitors around the world or just enjoying an evening of pokies after dinner, you want the experience to be as realistic as possible.

Reaching that goal requires several things that are arriving and evolving daily. It’s a continuous cycle–as all technology is–that involves a starting point, followed by a brainstorm to go a step further, then a process that reaches that new goal, and finally a technological advancement to keep pace. Just as soon as everyone is at the same destination, a new one is dreamed up.

Improved Control

The Atari gaming system of the 1980’s, revolutionary at the time, had only a fraction of the versatility that today’s smartphones have. The ability to distinguish degrees of movement and pressure is critical to having a precise range of controls for online games.

When the games were as simple as Atari’s first offerings, there was no need to require such precise control. Characters were design to go up, down, left, and right, and their only action was some form of “Go!”–pulling a trigger, most of the time. But with more sophisticated games comes more sophisticated movement, and the devices must allow a player to provide that.

Faster Action

The ability of a device’s screen to provide sharp resolution with rapid movement is critical for fast-moving games. The human brain processes and reacts to things quickly; if the device isn’t ready for what the player is ready for, the experience is bad.

Arcade options in particular need to move fast and allow accurate placement of player input, whether it’s weapons fire, punches being delivered, or positioning of game characters. Even casino games have to be able to cleanly portray spinning roulette wheels and other high-speed action without jumping or pixelating.

Quicker Connections

Speaking of pixelating, it’s vitally important that devices have access to fast internet. While many arcade games can be played offline, it’s that interaction with some type of network that makes the real fun.

Fast internet allows us to place and receive wagers and winnings. It allows us to play against other participants anywhere in the world. And it facilitates updates and upgrades to the games we already have, as well as availability of new options.

Better Design

The distance between an animator’s imagining of a character’s appearance and the actual appearance of a comparable live being is getting ever smaller. The technology used to mimic the shapes, colors, and textures of living things as well as inanimate objects is making virtual reality much less virtual and far more real.

Whether drawn from human models or clay renderings in the art studio, every action component of a game is more accurate every day.

The whole point of video games is to escape reality, but most people want to escape their reality, not all reality. As games evolve and the devices where they’re played continue to upgrade, the gaming world will get ever more similar to the real one.

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