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8 Ways Technology Became Eco-Friendly

Eco Friendly Technology

If you listen to some of the doom and gloom spread about, you might believe technology is killing the planet and the people that live on it. The facts couldn’t be more different because technology is not only assisting people in cleaning up the earth, high-tech is also making sure your carbon footprint can be reduced. Though you may love or hate the new gadgets that suddenly appear overnight, you have to admit that when science teams up with technology, the results can be amazing. Here are just a few of the many ways high-tech has proven it can be eco-friendly.

1. Collection Point

One of the most significant problems the planet is currently facing is garbage. The growing piles of broken computers, keyboards, screens, and phones have all been an issue for more than a decade. One company, ecoATM professionals, took the problem seriously and developed collection points for phones and tablets. You even get money back the moment you drop the verified item into the slot.

2. Sea Net

There is a growing problem of garbage collecting in the Pacific Ocean, and the area has expanded to the point it requires a name – the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Filled with plastics, fishing nets, and Styrofoam, the area has become a hazard to all marine line. One organization used technology to create giant floats that capture the trash. With the help of ships, the hope is that most of the garbage could be captured in five years.

3. Innovative Chimney

Pollution from industrial plants has long been a concern for environmentalists. As industry grows, so does the massive waves of pollution within cities. One company came to the rescue with an innovative approach to chimneys that filters out pollutants before they can contaminate the air flowing out of the tall stack. With self-cleaning filters inside the chimney, it could be the wave of the future.

4. Graphene Filter

Although most of the earth is covered in water, drinking water is still a problem for many nations. Desalination has been around for decades, but it is an expensive method for little palatable water return. A scientific-based firm came up with a high-tech idea to use a graphene filter made from hexagonal atoms. At a fraction of the cost of other desalination programs, there is hope the whole world will soon have clean drinking water.

5. Dark Farms

Growing food has always been a deep concern for the scientific community, but by including technological advancements in hydroponics with special seeds, there is an expanding hope for crop growth. Understanding there is little sunlight or space within cities, this system is compact and can grow food on racks. NASA even wants to send this new type of growing network into space to see if leafy greens can be grown without gravity.

6. Yeasty Leather

For anyone that loves the look and feel of leather but still wants to be environmentally friendly, there is hope. A new version of human-made leather using a biofabrication can now create leather fabric that is animal-free. Using yeast to produce a collagen-type of skin, the biological result looks and feels like real leather.

8. Motorized Bees

You have probably heard about the plight of the bees, but did you know that science and technology have teamed up to create a possible solution. No, it would save the bees, but the new robotic bee machine can pollinate some crops that are vital for human survival.

These are only a few ways that technology has partnered with science in an effort to provide an eco-friendly environment for the future. From ecoATM depositories to water filters, there is hope for the future of humanity.

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