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Causes of Data Loss: Probably the Biggest IT Problem

Data Loss

What are the causes of data loss? More often, we are unaware of the real risks and how to avoid them. Data loss is among the most common and somehow connected to our daily lives.

What is data loss prevention (DLP)?

The way we save, store and handle our data also matters. Even with a gazillion methods to store information from frequent crash, not all is retrieved and the recovery process can be quite complicated. If you’re not tech-savvy, using professional data recovery software or calling a specialist is the only option. But what causes data loss in the first place? Find out below!

Accidently deleting files

One of the greatest risks of losing valuable information is deleting files permanently or partially without any backup. To update and delete files is something we do every day and accidently removing some or overwriting a fraction isn’t entirely unusual. Such happens when there’s no proper workflow process or retrieving strategy. A proactive backup saves data as well as recovery time.

Viruses & harmful malwares

Like technology, viruses also leap forward every day that compromise our workstations. When you’re connected to the World Wide Web, it has several disadvantages such as infiltration of end-user’s system with a harmful virus. Not just that, many bugs also come with CDs and are triggered the moment you access them.

Besides data loss, some viruses bring far more damage than anticipated such as leaking private information such as bank account details, password and much moreto the criminal. It’s more damaging as shrewd hackers may exploit the information when conducting any cyber criminal activity.

Just imagine valuable technical details, client database and secret inventions are at risk that’s far more devastating as mere data loss.Installing a robust anti-virus program is an excellent solution or you may simply install operational system and programs only if you’ve ample disk space. Regular backup and have it available after severe virus damage is of much higher value.

Hard drive or mechanical damage

Computer hard drives are the most fragile components as they can also damage other connected devices. Even a simplest hard drive comprise of many cogs that you may not be able to tackle with work out an effective solution without bringing them down to your size.

Retrieving critical information from faulty hard drive may cost you more or less $1,000 and what’s worse is even after making payment to the service provider, there’s no guarantee that such won’t happen again.Although hard drive comes with a life and die a natural death, there’re various manufacturing defects as well.

The need to store more and more data over limited size disk will apparently crash it in times. These devices are also damaged when computers are malfunctioned unexpectedly. Can you really afford taking such a risk of losing data that’s stored on the hard drive after every one or two years?

Obviously not and that’s the reason remote data backup comes to the rescue providing an excellent alternative to corrupted hardware.On the contrary, hard disk failure doesn’t mean that you lose data for good but any latest means to safe storage and backup would prevent such from happening.

Massive power failure

Unexpected power failure is common and we already have excellent means to counter such issues but what if the same happens on a much broader scale such as massive blackout! Not only you lose valuable data but improper shutting down of the workstations may damage software as well as hardware. It’s definitely going to be one costly recovery and frequent cases may even compromise the data permanently.

Meanwhile, what if you’re in the middle of a very important and creative project! A new idea suddenly bubbles up in your mind and just at the moment of implementation, the power goes out. Therefore, a source for uninterrupted power supply is necessary to avoid such hassle! Whereas, uneven voltage also pose a threat but not if you’ve robust supporting source!


Another common factor is theft of hardware from workplace or home. Besides the physical threat, one’s more prone to virtual means of stealing data via hacking tactics. Cyber criminal(s) can infiltrate your system core if it isn’t well protected and steal crucial data so you need to fortify online as well as physical security.

Spill damage

Computer hardware damage means you won’t be able to work and might even lose potential data. Asides the crash from power failure, virus attacks and all, another reason is due to human biasness such as spilling liquid.

Though its unintentional, its detrimental and may cost thousands of dollars to recover. If spill oozes deep into the circuitry, it raises the threat of fire outbreak and even electrocution in worst case scenario. A simple solution; keep all the edible items at a distance especially liquids.

Moreover the same set of causes has been reported during comparative investigative conducted by many disaster recovery service providers jointly and at their own. Carefully identify the causes of data loss and work out an effective solution as detailed above.

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