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How Can Technology Help You Take Your Business to the Global Stage?

Technology Help Business

Dreams of global success flood the thoughts of many ambitious entrepreneurs, and thanks in part to the world of technology, reaping the rewards of international business is perhaps easier now than it ever was before.

If this sounds familiar, it is worth remembering that anything is possible in a digitally connected world.

Running an international business is no small feat by any means, and even if you have found wild success on your home soil, there are many unique challenges to confront when making the international leap.

To help you realize your big plans and steer your company in the way of success, here are some important points worth noting down.


Language barriers often play a huge role in the expansion of any business, and getting around them without the right tools can be a bothersome undertaking.

Thankfully, language no longer needs to get in the way through a combination of tech and dedicated professional services.

For example, Global Voices is a translation company that thrives on supporting their customers’ interpretation needs, and they use a combination of tools and techniques to make it happen.

The connectivity and collaboration opportunities presented by wonderful online services such as this can be a quick fix for what would otherwise likely be a difficult and strenuous process to overcome.

Why are translation services so important to a company wishing to expand its borders? Three incredibly important reasons might be:

  1. Localization – Marketing your products, growing your brand, and catering to a totally new audience requires localization. Language is incredibly nuanced and represents many cultural differences that must be addressed in your efforts to make a meaningful impact.
  2. Communicating Ideas – Pitching a new business idea is hard enough when you speak the same language as your potential client or partner, let alone when you cannot understand each other. Translation services are essential in this regard.
  3. Saving Time – Business often needs to move quickly in order for you to properly seize upon the opportunity. This can be difficult when language barriers are slowing you down. You can greatly reduce this transition period when choosing the right translation tools.

Instant File Sharing

Cloud computing has been a hot topic for a while now, and more companies are starting to move their operations to a cloud-based setup for ease of access, especially those who are striving to support a remote workforce.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits that it can offer your enterprise is the possibility of instantaneous file sharing among your employees, no matter where in the world they happen to be.

Say, for example, you had an employee working abroad to begin laying the foundations of your international branch – utilizing a cloud-based solution can enable you to communicate and edit files together in real-time.

This sure beats sending emails or IMs every time you need to change a document. It is fast, efficient, and in many cases, totally free.

Three of some of the best (and totally free) examples in no particular orderare:

  1. Discord – A household name in the gaming world for its ease of access and distribution, Discord is totally free, easy to use, and exceptionally diverse.
  2. Google Docs – Simple, free, and yet somehow still packed to the rafters with features, Google Docs, is a joy to use for anyone wishing to collaborate quickly and in real time.
  3. Wrike – A big name in business, Wrike features a free-to-use plan that will easily suit many of your needs as a small business.

Access to Data and Research

Getting your enterprising hands on some data and research has never been so easy. While Google has the answers to most of the world’s questions at the simple touch of a button, there are plenty of places to acquire reliable data as soon as you might need it.

How will this help your business? Without reliable data, breaking into new markets is far more difficult than it needs to be.

Tech tools are perfect for this aspect of business development, so you should not wait to start scouring the internet for backup.

At its best, the internet can give you access to limitless information, and in a world of big data, information is the key to coming out on top.

Three examples of data distribution tools and sites include:

  1. Statista – For reliable and accurate market data, Statista has a huge number of (you guessed it) statistics you can leverage in order to put together reports and analyze the road ahead.
  2. Tableau Public – Great data deserves to be showcased in all its glory. Not only does a data visualization platform like Tableau Public enables you to do this, but it is free of charge.
  3. ScienceOpen ­Over 74 million publications hangout on ScienceOpen, making it a hub of knowledge for anyone wishing to find some research for their next big move.

Customer Management

Managing customers should be a top priority for any business wishing to make a trustworthy and reliable name for itself.

Great customer service can go a long way in today’s climate, particularly for businesses operating primarily online who may have a hard time making a human connection with their audience.

Thankfully, even tech tools help you get this aspect of your business in order. Taking a customer-centric approach to your global efforts is a good way to get the ball rolling in a positive direction, especially if you aim to make a lasting impact and win over your new audience in style!

Three great CRM (customer relationship management) systems worth looking at are:

  1. Less Annoying CRM – The aptly named Less Annoying CRM does what it says on the label, in a cost-effective and impressively flexible manner.
  2. Salesforce Essentials – One of the biggest names in CRM systems, this particular version is aimed at small businesses, and it’s packed with featured.
  3. Zoho – For those looking for an all-encompassing system at a reasonable price, Zoho could be the perfect way to go, as its unique automation capabilities might shine out among the rest.

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