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3 Worst POS Systems: Top Worst Restaurant POS Systems To Know

3 Worst POS Systems
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Quality can be a subjective construct, so it’s hard to say which POS systems are truly the worst in the world. This article is based on Internet rankings of POS systems. We’ve picked three of the lowest-ranked.

No guarantee is made that the providers have or have not resolved the issues with their systems. To Find More Info about the bellow systems visit TopPOSsystem.Com

Oracle POS

According to Oracle Food and Beverage, they provide comprehensive restaurant POS systems that can be adapted to meet the needs of all sizes and types of restaurants, whether a single venue or a large chain.

The company claims their restaurant point of sale software solutions are perfect for fast, casual, table service, and quick service restaurants thanks to modularity that lets people buy what they need.

Poor Customer Service

It seems customer loyalty doesn’t matter very much to this provider. A client, one of whose restaurants was closing down, wanted to cancel the service contract, but it was on auto renew and nobody got (or cared about) the email he sent asking to cancel.

The client says they were very slow to respond and he is considering changing all his systems after he opens a new venue.

People have complained about having had to wait for more than an hour for a customer service representative to answer their call. Everything requires a case number.

People Were Happy with Micros, whom Oracle Purchased

A lot of clients had excellent service from Micros and continued their contracts after Oracle bought Micros POS. Many now say service has been terrible since Oracle purchased them.

Current customers are going so far as to warn other buyers not to choose this POS system because of how horrible the service is. There is no personal service any more.

Reporting Issues

Reporting can’t be customized without paying a lot of money to have a report custom written. Some web reporting software groups do a much better job than Oracle.

The programming hasn’t been updated on the back end since it was developed over two decades ago. Again, customers complaining about this are faced with the useless customer service, who tell them they need to research the problem and will call back, which doesn’t always happen.

NCR Counterpoint

According to NCR Counterpoint, the system features robust point-of-sale, built-in customer loyalty, inventory management software, automated purchasing, and configurable reporting capabilities.

A business can be extended through integrated email marketing, eCommerce options, and mobile POS to give customers a seamless shopping experience. This POS system is scalable and can be adapted to different operation formats, sizes, and layouts.

Update Issues

Users say it’s hard for them to do updates themselves. The software is not very intuitive. It is very complex with tons of reports, which you need years to discover. Earlier, the system was much better than it is now. It was simple to add inventory, make reports, and export or import files.

You could add EBT if you sold or had that government program approved, and credit and debit card merchant services were available as well. You could add users to the POS and limit access to keep other people from modifying settings.

With time, the software started to run slower. You call the technicians and sellers who installed the software and customer service when the former don’t reply, but customer service sometimes doesn’t reply either.

One (former) client has said it got to the point where he couldn’t even charge and sell because of the impossibility to do updates and fix certain other things, so the POS system had to be changed.

AccuPOS Point of Sale

The company states that their POS is a fast and simple solution for restaurants and retail businesses. They claim it is easy for staff to use and delivers a great customer experience at checkout. They also insist the system works with any modern Windows and Android device across the globe.

Current customers find the POS to be good in general, and many former ones say they’d recommend the provider if they improved their customer service. In fact, this was the main reason many of them canceled their contracts.

Limited Capability

AccuPOS is the best of these three systems reviewed here. The biggest issue with it is probably that it is not a big software vendor with a huge sales volume, which is why the product is not as sophisticated and does not have the same level of maturity that some might expect.

Yet, one will inevitably encounter software issues and limitations with any POS solution in this price range. Earlier versions of the software were a bit clunky, although a 2015 release attempted to remedy that.

Poor Communication with Users

The provider failed to communicate that the upcoming upgrade would introduce some major changes, which is why users weren’t able to plan for the down time and necessary adjustments to integrate the new system.

Software Validation Issues

Problems are caused by the provider’s method of verifying the software registration. They must communicate online when registration started in order to verify that the software has a valid registration.

Consequently, the company couldn’t verify registration when their server was down, and the software disabled the option to z-out until validation of the registration. Many locations have load-balanced, redundant Internet connections and there have been ongoing issues with registrations being validated to a specific IP address.

Final Thoughts

We recommend buyers be aware that evaluating and comparing POS systems is challenging. To avoid issues, you need to invest great time and effort. Don’t be tempted to rush your decision. Identify your needs diligently and drill down to get the answers about whether the system can do what you need it to do.

Read reviews and talk to existing customers who are using the POS you are considering and possibly visit their locations to see how it works. Even after you’ve made a choice, know that implementation of the POS system is going to be hard no matter which one you’ve settled on.

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