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Have a Look On 10 New Exciting Apps That You Can Use

New Exciting Apps

In these days, we actually cannot live without the use of the apps in your smart phones or in our tablets. In every few months, we delete the old apps in the phone and install the new updated ones. When any app comes in the market, we first think to download and install it on our phone, so we try to delete the old clutter to make the memory free. It is really a vicious cycle. There are few who keep the apps on the phone. No matter how frequent we use the apps, we like to download many of them.

Here are top 10 apps that you can use these days to style up your phone and make your work easier-

evernote1. Evernote Food

You may have previously used the Evernote to store all the webpages and the memos, but with the introduction of the Evernote Food 2.0, you can do the same for the food life as well. Now, this app is available for the iPad. This free application is best for locating the restaurants, saving the shots and also storing the recipes.

Temple Run 22. Temple Run 2

If you seriously love games or you want to install the game in your phone for kids, you can definitely install the Temple Run 2. It is one of the most popular apps that are played by the people, whether he or she is a small girl or a boy or an adult. It is more addicting than the original version.

IF you are not too much fond of this game, you can try the betting apps or the websites. There are plenty of best sport betting websites where you can try your luck.

Mixlr3. Mixlr

May you have wanted to host the radio show or you may want to podcast the entire e process, you may have stopped seems it is really difficult. Mixlr is the easiest introduction. This app is downloading in the iPhone and helps you to broadcast audio over 3G, 4G and even through the wifi.

myscript calculator app4. MyScript Calculator

You can ever imagine that the calculator can be exciting?

This app is one of the latest versions of the calculators that are used in these days. Here, you can use your own handwriting to input the math problems.

The Chihuly App5. The Chihuly App

If you are looking for some sophisticated time waster than just playing the game, you can install this app.

This is a sort of the addictive game that let you to play like the artist. You can surely try this one out.

Instructables6. Instructables

This is the best app for the craftsmen there. This is the DIY site that is finally released in the iOS platform.

This app offers plans for building everything, starting from the simple table to the chairs.

google chrome app7. Google Chrome

It is one of the important apps that you should keep in your phone.

This is the browsing site and helps you to find anything that you are looking for. This can be the one of the oldest apps for androids and iPhones.

face swap app8. Face Swap

It is not so interesting, but it is one of the popular apps that are being installed in these days.

Face Swap helps you to swap the face on someone else’s body. This app helps you to make you happy.

snapchat app9. Snapchat

It can be the most popular apps that are downloaded by the people all over the world.

This is just for the millennial now. Chat with your friends; send funny pictures with this app.

last message app10. Last message

When your phone battery is going down and you just have to send message to your close ones, then you can use this app. The app will help you text, send email and also the Facebook messages.

These are the top apps that you can download and make your day easy and smooth. Try them out now!

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