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Top 11 Mobile App Testing Tools Employed by Testers

Mobile App Testing Tools

Testing any mobile app is a demanding task. This is one process that requires a tester to go through a series of devices for testing the mobile app. The devices available in the market are the best ways to understand and perform the testing process for getting an ultimate app. In the process of mobile app testing, the tester needs to track the performance of the developed app across a number of handheld devices having a variety of operating systems and then they may also vary in their screen sizes. It is highly expected that the app should be safe and deliver the flawless performance throughout. This is the reason that the deployment team implements an app only when it has been certified and completely tested.

Thus we might now be thinking that the testing process is not just a cumbersome task, but it is expensive as well. That might not be true! How? In the market, there are a number of app testing tools for checking and they might be budget-friendly answer in which the question of compromising the quality can never arise.

Mobile App Testing Tools

After learning about the issues that a mobile app goes through, the main task left to the developers is resolving them and making the mobile app perfect for deployment. Some issues such as variation of the mobile OS/platform, industry standards, scripting, device diversity, and the mobile network operators may come into notice of the quality assurance team.

Tools are used for pointing out any errors or modifications necessary and then optimizing the app as recommended. Let’s see some of these that are effective in making the mobile app success:

#1. Appium

Appium automates the native, hybrid, and Web mobile apps. It is a tool that is available to you at absolutely no cost and it supports both the Android and iOS based apps. Appium is an open source tool having an active Google group.

#2. Monkey Runner

MonkeyRunner frees you from the hassle of automating the tests by allowing you not to deal with the source code. You can make the use of recording tools for test generation as the testing created is in Python. This tool is capable of performing tests on real devices connected to the laptop or the desktop. With this you get the power of controlling tablet, smartphone without getting into the code.

#3. Robotium

Robotium is a free testing tool, perfect for testing Android apps for a number of versions and sub-versions of Android. Robotium generates testing in Java and unlike MonkeyRunner you have to work on the source code for test automation. Robotium is incapable of locking/unlocking the tablet and smartphone.

#4. UI Automation

UI Automation enables automation of tests of user interface for any iOS based mobile app having the test scripts created by developers. User actions are simulated through UI automation by the test scripts. UI automation makes sure that a few actions occur while your app runs. There is a built-in script editor for editing scripts. UI Automation works for apps that have been developed in the development provisioning profile.

#5. Test Flight

TestFlight, which has been acquired by Apple offers a free testing environment. This tool can have a maximum of 2000 external users for using the free version and get their feedback. TestFlight can be used to test tvOS apps and WatchOS before being deployed on the app store.

#6. Hockey App

HockeyApp lets you develop and deploy beta versions of Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Window app versions. With this you can get real time reviews, test coverage analysis, and collect live crash reports. It can blend without any trouble into the current workflow. HockeyApp is capable of distributing test sets to use, allowing features of team-management, and allows access control.

#7. Selendroid

Selendroid is perfect for testing of hybrid and native apps on Android. Just in case you wish to test iOS apps, you are recommended to use iOS-driver. Using this tool you can run tests on actual devices and emulators without any trouble. You get the advantage of the vast support of the community in this tool.

#8. Keep It Functional

KeepItFunctional is a testing tool for iOS integration testing that enables easy iOS app automation by employing attributes of accessibility. The tool uses XCTest target of testing and you can execute objective C-written  test cases performed on iPad or iPhone simulator. Using this you get a number of user interactions such as drag, tap, click, and so many more.

#9. Frank

Frank enables to write tests in structured text and perform acceptance testing with Cucumber. This tool works for iPad and iPhone apps and consist of a Symbiote, a powerful app inspector for getting detailed info on the app that is currently running. Frank tool helps in describing the web app behavior.

#10. Monkey Talk

MonkeyTalk is an Oracle-acquired cross platform tool for testing that minimizes the hard work involved in manual testing by enabling the automation of interactive test cases that are real and functional. It offers the better documentation and impressive ease of use.

#11. Google Play Native App Beta Testing

Google Play Native App Beta Testing works for Android apps and this tool is available through Google Developer Console. It also enables you to sign as usual into your Google account and with this tool you can have access to deep linking, revenue statistics, verification of websites, notifications of emails, and everything you need to test to make your app accommodate the policies of Google play store.

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