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SMS Marketing Strategies That Work For Modern Businesses

SMS Marketing Strategies

The era of single-channel marketing campaigns is long gone. Today, marketers have access to numerous touch points from different mechanisms, such as social media, digital content, etc.

Moreover, customers and potential clients expect companies to utilize them to provide the utmost and finest experiences.

SMS marketing may help you attain your business goals as an effective supplement to these marketing channels, particularly on social media.

7 SMS Marketing Strategies

It will help you generate more leads and reach more customers immediately. Yet before we dig deeper into that matter, what is SMS marketing?

SMS Marketing Strategies For Modern Businesses

SMS marketing is a strategy that works by sending campaign messages through text messaging platforms. Technically, it’s different from social marketing, which uses social content and generates positive impressions and engagements through likes and comments.

On top of that, you may consider using smart-powered tools to improve your SMS marketing. If you’re interested in learning more about them, you may visit Drop Cowboy or your local service providers and get started.

If you’re ready to begin your SMS marketing journey, check out the following strategies that may help you improve customer loyalty and boost your revenue:

#1. Leverage SMS Marketing With Power Dialer

A power dialer is one of the best ways to leverage and improve your SMS marketing campaign.

It is a powerful technology that automates the manual dialing process, allowing you to call and connect with many prospects and clients in a single day.

Thus, increasing your outreach, helping you get better exposure, and boosting your callbacks. In addition, a power dialer may help you connect with contacts that respond to your text messages consecutively and immediately.

This is why it’s essential to integrate an automated dialing system into your SMS marketing strategy because it can help you offer a positive and relevant customer experience to your clients.

Here are other features of a power dialer:

  • Cloud-based solutions allow you to access the platform anytime and anywhere you are in the world. It also has added security features to keep customer details safe.
  • A call scheduler allows you to schedule calls and messages to manage your time well.
  • Data analytics, meanwhile, lets you review and evaluate every call performed to determine any adjustments to be made.
  • A visual voicemail drops a voicemail to contacts who can’t answer your calls and then provides a smooth transition, allowing you to call the next one without wasting time.
  • With lead segmentation, you can categorize your contact list based on specific parameters, such as geo-location, time and date, lead sources, and lead quality.
  • Multiple device access lets you make calls to any device, including VoIP, landline, mobile, and desktop.

If this steals your attention, you may visit Power Dialer or contact your automated dialing service provider and start reaping the benefits of this smart software solution.

#2. Send Exclusive Offers And Promotions

SMS marketing is one of the most popular ways to share your special promotions and sales with prospects and clients. This is because it’s cost-efficient and engaging at the same time.

Prices may vary depending on the platform you use, but a message usually costs only a couple of cents. Here are some tips for sending exclusive deals and offers using text messages:

  • Include photos of your products when sending sales.
  • Include promo codes for their next purchase. Make sure to keep it emphasized to draw the eyes of your contacts and push them to make a purchase.
  • Include the link that will redirect them to your website.
  • Always insert call-to-action terms to attract them even more to make a purchase.
  • Don’t forget to offer items available only for a limited time.
  • Drive urgency by including a countdown or time and date when the sales would end.

Here’s an example of a text offering exclusive deals and promotions:

Hi, dear customer! We’re offering our clothing community 30% off when you use the codeTHANKYOU30. This is how we value and give thanks to our customers like you, who continue to patronize our growing business. Shop now at:

Offering sales and promotions through text is also an excellent way to make your customers and subscribers feel like they’re a part of a membership or community program.

#3. Send Drip Campaigns

SMS drip marketing is one way to nurture and foster relationships between you and your clients. It helps keep your customers engaged by continuously sending them relevant and strategically timed pieces of content or ‘drips.’

Drip campaigns are also known as autoresponders and are one of the types of marketing automation.

Here are other ways you can use drip campaigns for your SMS marketing strategy:

  • Welcoming Your Customers – Introduce your products or services and set realistic expectations and goals for future SMS campaigns.
  • Client Onboarding – Train your customers on how to use your products effectively. This will help them get more value from what they purchase.
  • Lead Nurturing – Educate your customers about your products and services to attract them and make purchases.
  • Customer Reminder – Keep your customers constantly reminded about their shopping cart, membership renewal, or order and payment confirmation.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to help you optimize your drip campaigns for more effective engagements:

  • Make your content concise and visually interactive. For example, you may use some photos or GIFs to make every message enticing and engaging.
  • Create educational content before selling. If your customers find it interesting, they’ll be the ones to reach out to you. It also avoids putting pressure on them to buy a product.
  • Gather feedback as much as possible to learn more about your clients and offer them better products or services. You may also add surveys for more engaging content.

However, be wary of the number of messages you send to your customers and subscribers. A maximum of three for the first day would be enough.

Flooding their inbox with SMS drips may annoy them and lead them to unsubscribe from your platform.

#4. Take Advantage Of SMS Keyword Strategy

Using SMS keywords is one of the most effective strategies to grow your list of subscribers. These are words or phrases your subscribers or customers will text using their phones.

These keywords help people interact and communicate with your business using a specific phone number, around four to six digits, in a text message.

Here is a concrete example of an SMS keyword strategy:

Thank you for joining our text-messaging club. You’ll now receive timely and exclusive deals especially for you. If you want to unsubscribe anytime, send ‘STOP’ to 11211.

Other ways to use the SMS keyword strategy are as follows:

  • Sharing your coupons for your products or services
  • Notifying your customers about your future events, such as contests and giveaways

Likewise, this strategy is seen by many as more effective than emails. SMS coupons are claimed up to 10 times higher than printed ones and have significantly higher engagement rates than emails.

You sure don’t want to miss an opportunity like this, so call your local provider to find out how you can start using this marketing strategy.

#5. Set Up SMS Customer Support

SMS customer support is any help you can provide to your customers and subscribers via text messages. It requires no face-to-face or verbal interactions because you communicate via text messaging.

It also allows customers to talk to any available live agents to support them.

Here are some tips for using SMS customer support:

  • Select The Right Channel – It could be your regular SMS platform, SMS messaging apps like WhatsApp, and social media apps like Messenger. You want to use every unique feature to get the most out of them.
  • Create A System – Your messages may get flooded with requests, so it’s vital to establish a first-in-first-outsystem that would prioritize the first message you receive.
  • Follow Up – Some customers may take an eternity to respond to your message and call you back. So, show your care and willingness to help them by checking up on them.
  • Send Timely Reminders – This is perfect for busy customers who have set an appointment with you. You can send reminders in advance or on the day itself.
  • Use Automated Triggers – These are continuous chains of automated conversations. When one clicks an option, another will show up based on what they clicked. This will continue until you address the problems or issues.

An example of SMS customer support is as follows:

Hi, Minnie! We haven’t seen you at the ABC Relaxation Hub in a while. Book a soothing massage today and get 15% off! You may reply to this message or call us now to book your appointment.

You can also set up an alert system to notify your agents if there’s a customer that needs support or help.

#6. Establish A Text-To-Win Or Sweepstakes Campaign

Establishing an SMS text-to-win campaign is another way to attract and encourage people to sign up and subscribe to you. To help them get on board, sign them up using SMS keywords, and when they do, allow them to participate and win some rewards.

SMS contests are an effective promotional and growth-hacking tactic to build brand awareness and boost your traffic. The more people know about your business, the higher the chances of making sales.

The following are some tips for an effective SMS text-to-win campaign:

  • Know Your Goals – Why are you doing this? Do you want to introduce new products or generate SMS marketing leads? Knowing your goals will help you establish a solid and engaging campaign.
  • Don’t Ask Too Much – Customers value privacy, so if you ask too much from them, expect the number of entries to drop. This is still possible even if you have an extravagant set of prizes. Here’s a simple tip: if you think something will affect them big time, ask about it; if it won’t, don’t bother asking.
  • Promote Beforehand – Before you start the campaign, it’s best to promote it using every channel you have to garner attention and increase the number of people who would like to participate. You can use social media accounts, email platforms, websites, or other possible means.

Additionally, don’t forget to notify all subscribers of the sweepstakes about when the campaign series will start and end. When you do, offer some deals as a token of gratitude for participation to build trust and loyalty.

#7. Integrate Multimedia Messaging Services

Multimedia messaging services (MMS) will help you take your mobile marketing to the next level. MMS allows you to send photos, videos, and live animations for dynamic and interactive messages.

As you know, SMS has higher engagement rates compared to other media, such as emails and web platforms. By integrating MMS into your campaign, you could achieve much more impressive outcomes.

Besides, MMS offers a higher character limit than your regular SMS messaging platform. It allows you to type and send a message with a character count of 1,600, compared with the 160-count of SMS. Because of this, you can tell your story successfully, which is unlikely with SMS alone.

Here are some of the best practices for using MMS in your SMS marketing campaign:

  • Segment Before Send – Not everyone is interested in a specific product you’re trying to promote. In that case, categorize your subscribers based on some parameters, such as preferences, geo-location, age, culture, etc.
  • Use GIFs – Most people love GIFs. They’re a perfect attribute to create engaging content for all ages, young or old. It also helps your business to be friendly and reachable.
  • Test Your Messages – Before you release the messages to the public, it’s crucial to test them out on yourself. This will help you discover possible problems before they reach your customers.

Furthermore, MMS integrations allow you to send YouTube links. Thus, if you have a channel for your business, you may include its link in your messages to garner more views and gain passive income.

Final Words

Starting an SMS marketing campaign may seem easy. However, figuring out which strategy to use might be challenging, especially for newly launched businesses.

You may begin by defining your goals and understanding the elements of your business, such as promotions, event scheduling, reminders, and product releases. Knowing these will help you determine where to start.

Regardless of the strategy, the secret to a successful SMS marketing campaign is to keep your messages relevant to your business and your audience, particularly when it comes to specific parameters that segment them.

This will help you build strong and valuable relationships with your customers that will transcend through time.

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