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Everything You Need to Know about iOS 13

iOS 13

Apple announced the launch of iOS 13 during a presentation at the Worldwide Developer Conference on June 3, 2019. With an updated version and exceptional features, iOS 13 is offering new software perks to all the iPhone users.

The iOS 13 isn’t only for the iPhone and iPad users, but also for the latest set of iPhone sets including the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone pro max. With overall improvements and fast workings of security sensors, iOS 13 is now more efficient in performance.

Now, take a look at what iOS 13 is bringing new for its audience!

Let’s Know Everything about iOS 13

Everything about iOS 13
Everything about iOS 13

1. Improvement in FaceTime

FaceTime video calls see quite a lot of improvement with the launch of iOS 13, particularly improvement in the eye positioning.

There is a use of ARKit in iOS 13 software update, which directly scan your face and then change the position of your eye.

Obviously, it is a small addition to the improvement in the FaceTime, but undeniably, it is an outstanding feature, especially for those who spend a lot of time on FaceTime.

2. Dark Mode

iOS 13 is coming with the most awaiting feature i.e. dark mode in which the background would be dark along with the darker highlights.

Dark mode in iOS 13 can either be turned to a specific time or it can be switched off permanently.

Adding on to it, there are several wallpapers and designs available to leverage the dark mode more beautifully to your iPhone.

Hence, those who were eagerly waiting for the dark mode can now benefit from the latest software update with iOS 13.

3. Privacy

Obviously, privacy settings in Apple are quite impressive already.

But now, with the launch of the iOS 13 operating system, it has become easy to control the location data i.e. with the granular help of granular control.

Also, apps can easily be prevented from accessing the location in tandem with the control over the location data in pictures stored in the gallery.

So, the privacy settings, specifically location data has been improved a lot in iOS 13 operating system.

4. Enhanced Performance Rate

With the launch of iOS 13, there will be a 30% increase in the performance of your iPhone, especially the speed.

Then, there will be 60% more updates, 50% smaller app downloads and most importantly, the app launch speed will be twice in comparison to the previous editions.

Therefore, when there is so much to offer to enhance the performance rate of your iPhone, then, of course, iOS 13 will prove to be better than the previous operating system versions.

5. Improvements in Camera and Portrait Mode

Quite obviously, iOS 13 offers improvements in the camera and portrait mode.

In portrait mode, the intensity of light is enabled to change, which was one of the most demanding features in iPhone portrait mode.

Also, the portrait mode is updating its monochromic effect, which is now called as High-Key Mono.

Other than the portrait mode, the aspect ratio of the picture can be changed now, particularly, square options are now easily available and while exporting the images, it will remain n the original 4:3 format.

6. Siri – Voice Sound

Now, the voice sound of Siri will sound natural and less robotic than it was earlier.

The neural text-to-speech technology implemented is now advanced, which can easily be checked when reading news aloud, answering questions or when Siri’s speech includes long phrases.

From reading incoming messages to do regular talking, the timings of Siri (particularly in AirPods) are quite good.

Hence, Siri won’t come up with some irrelevant information and will talk more like a being than a robot.

7. Apple Maps Redesigned

Of course, Apple Maps can’t be better than Google Maps, but with the iOS 13 operating system, the design and look have finally got better.

It is more detailed than the earlier and also, displays the realistic roads, beaches, building, and parks while you travel.

Further, the navigation for the saved locations has become even easier with just one tap.

So, even if you are Google Maps person, you can go with this new, redesigned version of Apple Maps to make your journey quick and easy, especially for the saved locations.

8. Mail – Text Formatting Revamped

Now, the text formatting will be more controlled than ever, be it in font style, color, and size, alignment, out denting or indenting text, bullet points or numbered list.

You can easily change the format of the mails with this new operating system iOS 13. So, those who always search for better options to write emails, then your iOS 13 got you covered as well in it providing you with plenty of options in text formatting.


To sum it all up, there are many other changes done in the settings, calendar, contacts with the launch of iOS 13.

With a plethora of tweaks available in iOS 13, there are improvements in the performance and speed.

So, if you haven’t updated it yet, then head over to the settings, tap on the general and then, tap on the software update to iOS 13.

Everything You Need to Know about iOS 13#Apple announced the launch of iOS 13 during a presentation at the Worldwide…

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