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Clearview AI App Facial-Recognition: Nightmare for Stalking Victims

Clearview AI App Facial-Recognition

We have sight today technology has been getting advance and to take the latest in the next level Silicon Valley has brought facial recognition application Clearview AI App. It is a very powerful and smart app for people and it is boon for stalkers.

With the use of the Clearview AI App, anyone can snap a photo of the people walking on the street and then the app will grab all information about that person such as name, phone number, address, and many other things. About this app, the article also gets published in The New York Times.

By knowing about the Clearview AI App, people feel great and this is the best app for two types of people such as creeps and Law enforcement.

Facial Recognition Clearview AI App Nightmare for Stalkers

With Clearview AI App, many people also think that this application will become a nightmare for stalkers, people who have a complaint against domestic abuse and for the person who wants to know about a specific person by following them with a bad purpose.

When the news about the Clearview AI Application has spread women of the country feel good and sighed. According to Jo O’ really who is a privacy advocate that the application has once again brought the women safety through the use of the online platform. Many people think that the app is great and invasive technology.

Clearview AI is the application that scraps whole information about the person which is available at popular social sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Venmo, and many others. With this news Facebook company state that scraping information from such a platform is not allow or prohibit in their policy.

Even the same statement also arrives from the twitter company as according to them grabbing information from their sites means violating their rules and regulations which is not allowed by them.

It is a new tool or technology for abusers

We know that stalking using the online platform is always a big issue for women. With this tool, anyone can track the person and get all the information about them just by using the facial photo. But according to the Clearview AI, the service is only available for the law enforcement people and they have provides a positive review about the application.

But according to O’Reilly, the company of the application does not offer any review about the fact that when the app will reach the wrong hands. Then the software can be used for harassing people and it will increase the activity of stalking with advance technology.

But this situation can be prevented when the app will not be available for the public and this also acknowledges by the Clearview AI App investors.

With the app development, many reviews have arrived and Crystal Justice, chief marketing and development officer for the National Domestic Violence Hotline has stated that technology that gets developed and which will be used by people then it should be created after thinking of the flaws.

It is because abusers are always in seeking that they get some technology or toolbox through which their work gets easy.

Today digital abuse has increased its number and this is mostly among young people. According to the hotline they have received 371,000 complaints and in this 20% were digital abuse complaints. It means one in four women face the issue of digital abuse and domestic violence.

With this Justice said that while creating the app technology companies must seek about the survivor experience as they make a big part of the population. So, it is very important to sight some important things when creating an application for people beneficial.

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