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How To Utilize an Answering Service in a Dental Office

Answering Service

Operating a dental office can be stressful in many ways, and one of those is feeling that you always have to be available for your patients. It can be difficult to rest when you are away from the office because you worry about missing an important phone call from a patient.

You may worry that you will miss a call when talking to another patient on the line. It is important that your patients are able to get in contact with you in many situations, and a virtual answering service can make that possible.


Dental infections can be very dangerous for a patient, so it is important that they are able to contact you should a toothache arise outside of office hours. An answering service like Voicenation can help receive critical messages from patients that can be relayed to you.

In this way, patients feel that they can trust that you are always accessible in emergencies. This can give you peace of mind as well, as you will know that your patients can reach you if absolutely necessary.

Broken Crown

While not a life-threatening emergency, a crown that comes off a tooth often needs to be re-cemented as soon as possible for aesthetic concerns as well as to prevent the patient’s other teeth from shifting.

A patient will feel anxious if unable to reach his or her dentist in this situation and may have to seek care elsewhere. Being available to your patients after hours is beneficial to patient retention.

Traumatic Injury

Some facial injuries require the expertise of a dentist. After a traumatic injury, patients often need to go to the emergency room. However, the accident may have only been a tooth being knocked out.

In that case, a dentist is needed to help resolve the issue. A patient should feel the confidence that the dentist he or she trusts is always a phone call away.

In order to relieve stress on yourself and to provide top-notch service for your patients, it may be time to invest in an answering service. If this is something you have considered in the past and just not made a final decision on, call for a consultation about what service would best benefit your practice.

In today’s changing, technology-driven world, it pays to have convenient services in place for your clients. Promote yourself as a business that takes patient care seriously and that is responsive at any time.

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