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How To Recover Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Losing precious data has become a common problem today. People often lose all types of data due to their ignorance, mistakes, or technical failures.

Today, data can be extremely important for people, and losing it may cause quite many problems for an individual.

In case you have lost some important files, you can refer to the various data recovery software’s available in the market.

As the name suggest data recovery software’s work in order to recover your lost files to their previous locations.

Deleted files normally go into the recycle bin; however, if the size of the file is too large for the recycle bin, they are permanently deleted. Other scenarios, from which data recovery software may assist you in recovering files, are corrupted files, virus attacks, hard drive partition failure, OS failure, and they can also perform sd card recovery.

Three Easy Steps

EaseUS Data recovery software is one of the top data recovery software, which is used by several users all around the world. It has made a prominent place in the market by offering powerful features to its clients. The files are recovered in three easy steps, which are as follows:

  1. Launch
  2. Install
  3. Recover

Specific Search

The software cuts down the search material by having the user provide the file name or extension. If the user does not know either of these, the user can specify the type of file, he or she is searching for. An example would be, if the user chooses media files, the software only searches for images and videos. This greatly boosts up the speed of the search by narrowing down the search material. As soon as the search ends, the results are ready to be previewed and you can recover deleted files.

Quick Scan and Deep Scan

There are two scan modes, which can be used in the software. The first one is the quick scan mode, which is ran by simply clicking on the scan button. It quickly scans the location, and displays files, which were normally deleted, or were recently deleted from the recycle bin. The scanning process is fast and takes a few minutes to complete based upon the size of the location. The other one is deep scan mode, which should be used in case you still did not find your file after quick scan. This mode thoroughly examines the memory for your lost files, and may take some time in doing so. This mode should only be used if your files did not show up in the quick scan result, or the file is not opening after it appeared in the quick scan result.

Previewing Files

Other features of the software include the ability to preview files before restoring them. Previewing files is an extremely useful feature if the user does not know the exact name of the file. They can view the contents inside the file, and decide whether he or she wishes to restore the file or not. For example, text can be seen inside of document.

Due to its various features, EaseUS Data Recovery Software is easily the best data recovery software available in today’s time, as it provides efficient tools, which can be used without any difficulties.

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