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Advantages of Moving Microsoft Access Database Online

microsoft access database online

A few years back Microsoft Access Online was a major player in the online data storage market. Many small businesses were using it for various purposes like payroll, inventory control systems, and human resources.

As most of the small and medium businesses were familiar with different Microsoft Office products – primarily Excel which means Microsoft Access (the desktop version) was their preferred choice of the database management system.

So, when the cloud version was introduced to host Microsoft Access Database Online was the obvious decision for many.

What were the reasons for Microsoft Access Online retirement?

According to experts, the principal reasons Microsoft decided to retire the online database were as follow:

  • It was not able to work well with the mobile apps.
  • Unable to handle LOB (line-of-business) data properly.
  • Unable to handle the requirements of the increased number of users.

Apart from these issues, some of the other drawbacks which the product was known for:

  • Complications– By using the database designing various applications was a complex and tedious task.
  • Well-versed with the technology – In most cases, you should know a little bit of coding or at least should be from a technology background.

Here are some of the reasons why you should move to an Online database.

After going through all the disadvantages of Microsoft’s online database solution. Now let us have a deeper look at the various options that are available to businesses, especially when they have to continue their data to be stored on the cloud. Learn how you can migrate Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online.

  • Confined access– You can take any desktop database and one thing which will be common in all is the severe restrictions in remote accessibility.
  • Less Data security – Keeping the data safe and secure can be a daunting task as well as an expensive affair for businesses.
  • A decline in the speed as the data size increases– We all know how crucial data has become for businesses. Every process needs gigabytes of data to complete the task. A database like this will not be able to scale properly with the rise in demand.
  • Created for a smaller ecosystem – Access was never created for large LAN environments.

What is the best option available for businesses?

So, we have reached a point where we want to choose an online database solution that can meet all business requirements mentioned above.

Following are some features one should expect from your new online database solution:

  • A safe and secure cloud storage choice that is available from anywhere there is a proper internet connection.
  • It should be very easy to start working on, even a beginner should be able to create databases without much knowledge about coding.
  • The migration process should be simple: The steps involved in migration should not include anything apart from extraction of data into Microsoft Excel sheets.

This approach of migrating from Microsoft Access Online to a new cloud online database will not be a dreadful experience.

Another most important decision to be taken is of choosing a right cloud provider who can move data on the cloud swiftly.

There are many cloud providers offering these services, but one should choose the provider who has proper experience and expertise. After considering all the different factors, Apps4Rent will be a perfect choice for you.

They have served more than 10,000 businesses and have 15 years of experience in cloud hosting business and numerous products like Microsoft Teams. Get to know about different Desktop as a service providers in detail.

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