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How To Backup and Replace PlayStation 4 Hard Drive

PlayStation 4

As soon as the play-station 4 started at 2013 it was included having a 500GB drive. Even though there clearly was some time in which 500GB looked like Greater than We could utilize, the magnitude of matches has steadily improved exponentially through recent several years. With favorite names such as Red lifeless Redemption two (105GB), CallofDuty: Dark OPS-3 (101GB), along with Grand Theft Auto V (76GB) weighing at near to over 100GB, this drive may fill fast.

Then, Sony updated hard-drives supplying end users the possibility to get a 1TB push. But, a broad library of more modern triple a matches signifies this may possibly not suffice to get several end users (myself included). Luckily with after applications upgrades Sony gets enabled the PS-4 to encourage SSDs as much as 8GB in size for those who are in possession of a body fat wallet.

Updating your play-station 4 drive isn’t so challenging, however a few steps needs to be followed closely when setting up a fresh driveway. Here is an instant detail by detail guide that will aid users steer clear of hassles throughout the approach. Just catch your PS-4, also let us get going.

Matters You’re Going to Need

Considering that Sony desired to really make the challenging disk from your PS-4 readily siphoned, then you wont require any distinctive tools such as Torx pieces. Here Is What you May desire:

  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • An external USB drive (500GB or 1TB for Backing-up PS-4 )
  • A principle drive to your system applications (optional)
  • A pc having an Online link
  • A brand new replacement difficult drive/SSD

Just before you become going you might desire to get into the play-station 4 technique applications into the USB thumb drive. You may utilize the backup travel when there’s adequate distance, however I still prefer using the platform applications saved independently. Produce a folder onto the command drive referred to as PS-4, also interior this create a separate folder named up date. Put the down-load within here.

Notice: Should you down load from our mirror, then make certain that you catch the re install down-load and also perhaps not the up grade. The document will probably undoubtedly be 1GB, and so you may understand. Additionally, you will need to rename it into PS4UPDATE.PUP.


Previous to copying one’s body, sync your own decorations to a PSN accounts as individuals cannot be stored into a outside product. Todo so, drive on the button in the control, then pick”Sync Trophies using PSN.” In the event that you aren’t just a collector, or else you’re comparatively sure they’re synced , then you can bypass this measure.

Subsequent, commence your own backup. Together with your PS-4 in the house display, plug on your external driveway. The driveway has to be formatted into FAT32 or even exFAT. Once joined, move to options > method > Backup and recover > Backup PS-4. From the back-up sub-menu, you are going to be cautioned that decorations can’t be backed up. When you’ve been after this particular guide, discount this information.

The menu will automatically reveal just how much distance your a variety of kinds of info are carrying on. App (matches ) are generally stored. That was a check box nextto Captures, Saved info, and Preferences which can be assessed automatically option. You may uncheck any one of them in the event that you desire. But be warned you may shed that info. I will suggest at saving your preferences. Make a decision as to exactly what you would like to store, click Next,.

Around the next screen, you are going to be permitted to provide the backup a identify and then cancel or begin the approach. Clicking back again up starts conserving your data files into the outside USB travel. You’re going to soon be shown a progress bar, also contingent upon just how good your PS-4’s HDD is, also it might take some time, even hours, even to allow this in order to complete. This required my own virtually complete 500GB driveway 5 minutes.

Don’t even turn off your play-station off throughout the procedure. After the backup is finished, just click okay, and also the PS-4 will automatically reboot. Once it’s straight back into your property display, closed down it before moving.

Eliminating the Drive

Using all the back-up stored in your own outside drive and also the PS-4 switched away (perhaps not in sleeping mode), you may safely take it off again and place it away. Now it is the right time for you to carry the older generate. It’s simpler (and more secure ) in the event that you disconnect all (electrical power, AV wires, as well as different peripherals) in your PS-4 and set the games onto a desk if focusing with it.

With leading part of the games confronting you personally, you’ll find a glass panel onto your rear side. Take out this board by simply pressing firmly at front and rear, then slipping into the leftside.

Together with out the cover of this manner, the HDD bay will probably be observable. You ought to observe a sizable Phillips screw retaining the driveway shell set up. Utilize your Phillips to take out the screwthread. Take the driveway tray with all the tiny handle in front. It will slip easily.

About either surfaces of the mount, you could find 4 screws securing the driveway into your tray. Take out these together with your Phillips screwdriver and just take the older HDD. You are halfway there.

Notice: This guidebook is specially tailored to its normal play-station 4. In the event that you want to up grade your Guru’s HDD, the driveway is found at the rear part of the games beneath a little plastic cap at the ground straight. You may get rid of this plate by means of your finger (it normally requires a fantastic quantity of strain ). With all the driveway menu vulnerable, removing would be exactly the exact same since it will be for your own PS-4.

Picking out a Brand New Drive

To begin with you might ought to guarantee to’re purchasing a suitable substitute HDD. Many”notebook” 2.5-inch drives may continue to work and Sony urges with an”formally backed replacement drive” This caution would be really more to suppress service calls compared to whatever else since we have utilised drives which aren’t backed by Sony without the issues.

Play-station 4 inventory HDD specs are the following: Ability: 500GB (early designs ), 1TB (present types and Guru ), user interface: SATA II, S-ATA III (professional only), Spindle Speed: 5400 RPM, Cache Performance: 8GB, Type component: 2.5-inch, Z-Height: 9-mm.

Besides the noticeable size limitations of this stock play-station 4 hard-drive, the 500GB as well as also the 1TB pushes are quite gradual. That means you might wish to think about that if choosing the fresh HDD. You may proceed together with a driveway which matches quicker, however, also the HGST’s gloomy 8MB cache is still exactly what really disrupts the inventory driveway’s rate.

There are a number of fantastic selections for normal, hybridvehicle, and SSD replacements out there there, based upon your own taste and price range. Trying to Keep the cost line around the 100 mark, a Few strong options are:

  • WD Black Mobile (standard) — 7200 RPM, 1TB, 32MB cache, $110
  • Seagate FireCuda (hybrid) — 5400 RPM, 2TB, 128MB cache, $80
  • Samsung 860 Evo (SSD) — 1TB, 1GB DDR4 cache, $138

I moved using all the FireCuda on account of the surplus storage. And 128MB original grade cache and also 8GB NAND memories at the next grade caching, it way surpasses Sony’s inventory variety. At below $100, you can’t ever fail for this specific driveway. No matter HDD you opt to go for, ensure that the measurements are not correct. Your substitution has to be described as a 2.5-inch driveway that’s 9.5M M or even thinner. We cite that as moving out of the 1TB into some 2TB WD Dark lumps your shape variable to 3.5-inch, that won’t in shape.

In case you would like to have more compared to 2TB of inner storage, then you might have to to go by having the SSD as a result of kind variable limitations. Amazon comes with a 4TB Samsung 860 QVO, however, it is definitely going to set you back around $4 5 0. Instead, you’ll be able to conserve an outside HDD up to 8TB that’s USB appropriate for more storage. Some thing such as WD’s 4TB Dark My Passport Mobile is just a workable outside option which may just cost you around $100.

The Slender and regular PS-4 Mother Boards possess SATA-II ports, and also the Guru utilizes Sa-ta III. You may nonetheless utilize S-ATA I-II at the decrease end types, however nevertheless, it wont really make difference. But in the event that you’re updating your Guru, S-ATA I-II will markedly boost functionality. Most of all, you are interested in having a driveway that’s atleast two times as huge as the older man, differently what’s the idea? We propose receiving too much storage because the funding lets as a good 1TB driveway is filled until you are aware of it.

Installing and Restoring the Drive

Secure it with the screws, slip it back in the bay, then replace the holding screw and then pay, and you are nearly done. All that remains is to displace the newest HDD to precisely the very same condition as the older one.

Before you’re able to restore the data in the backup, the drive needs to be formatted and also create with the machine program. To get this done, re connect to the PS-4 and reach the button.

The play station will comprehend the drive and boot to safemode automatically.

Now, you may wish to add the USB thumb (or outside ) disk containing the device software you downloaded earlier in the day then select okay. On the subsequent screen, select Next, and then proceed through all of the drives. The PS-4 will format the drive and then install the system program.

When the PS-4 os setup is done, the console will automatically re boot. Follow the prompts until you’re back in your house. screen. Re connect the external drive your backup is stored to in the event that you’ve not alreadybeen. Select Restore PS-4 and pick the image you called before. Much like the rescue process, the animate might take some time, therefore leave your games on and keep coming back later in the event that you want.

Following your fracture, your PS-4 is likely to return once again to the same condition as before, but having a brand-new and larger drive. You might choose to maintain your backup easy in case of a drive failure, but apart from that what ought to be all set.

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