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FastestVPN Complete Product Review 2022

FastestVPN Review

In this post of FastestVPN Review, I will explain to you a not-so-new VPN service named FastestVPN. AT the end of this post, you will understand that Is FastestVPN good for streaming?

How affordable is FastestVPN? And, if it is affordable or not. So, without much delay let’s start with what FastestVPN has in the box for you.

As you know,most users connect with a VPN to stream their favorite content. It is not wrong to say that VPNs are mostly used by general users for the purpose of content streaming.

Streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, etc., are in trend nowadays, serving as a hub of entertainment for all types of people.

But these streaming services have to categorize their content differently for each country due to some policies of content providers, which means content available in other countries may not be available in your country.

FastestVPN Security Review

FastestVPN Review 2022

It’s your curiosity that compels you to watch other countries’ content. And, FastestVPN is a good solution to satisfy your curiosity. It is capable of altering your location and lets you watch the content stored in other countries’ catalogs.

They have distributed their servers in many countries to make your streaming seamless.

The second thing is that a VPN, just like FastestVPN guarantees the encryption of your data so that your activity log always stays hidden from the intruding eyes of Internet Service Providers.

Giving you a tip here, in case you frequently connect to public Wi-Fi, you must have a VPN on your phone, so that bad people on the same network cannot invade your phone.

Talking about FastestVPN, it is one of the growing names in the market and offers all the benefits of VPN at an economical price.

It has a strict no-logs policy, and can bypass geo-restrictions, and offers military-grade protection. I also have clearly organized a FastestVPN Product Review to let you decide whether it’s the best fit for you or not?

FastestVPN Complete Review

FastestVPN Pros

FastestVPN Cons

Large range of VPN protocols available, excluding WireGuard IPSec is only available for Android users
Beating the market with its highly affordable plans Only iPhone and iPad users can utilize Smart tunneling
Allow Login into 10 devices concomitantly
Can unblock streaming services
Impressive measures for online safety
Situated on Cayman Island — A very good location for a VPN

#1. Fastest VPN Speed

Fastest VPN Speed

Though you want to ensure privacy and security, you are not ready to slow down the internet speed. While connected with FastestVPN, I observed it was quite fast.

Like I connected to a US server and was able to get the fair speed that let me stream media without buffering.

Whereas this was not the case with every server. A VPN server far from my location was a bit laggy. So, you should be mindful that you may experience some inconsistencies.

Privacy-Friendly HQ Location

So how can a company location be favorable for your privacy? FastestVPN HQ is situated on Cayman Island.

It is a self-governing territory and is not part of any international intelligence alliance like 5/9/14 eyes. So, the company has no responsibility to keep records of their customers.

#2. Handful Number of Server Locations

Fastest VPN Servers

Though the FastestVPN server count falls behind the industry-leading players, in my opinion, they provide a nice coverage ofservers. Whether you want to utilize the Australian location or American, FastestVPN offers servers in 40+ countries.

Impressive Set of Security Features 

One of the reasons to use a VPN is to fortify your data and identity. Despite the low prices, FastestVPN does not sleep on any essential security features.

#3. Automatic Kill Switch

Fastest VPN Kill Switch

I don’t think a VPN is useful unless it is integrated by Automatic Kill Switch. What does a Kill Switch do; it cuts off your device’s internet whenever the connection with the VPN server goes down.

The reason behind this feature is not to expose your identity even if your server got disconnected.

#4. NAT Firewall

NAT Firewall itself is a protective layer for your device, but how does it work? It provides your device a shield to keep away the malicious. I don’t see many VPNs with a NAT firewall, thus I will surely give bonus points to FastestVPN for this.

#5. DNS Leak Protection

DNS leak protection is one of the great features offered by FastestVPN. It enables you to create your own private and protective tunnel for your online traffic. This makes sure that your identity isn’t getting leaked on the public internet.

#6. Smart Tunneling

FastestVPN comes with smart tunneling, where you get control of the flow of your online traffic. This means you can set manually which apps traffic will use a VPN tunnel or which will flow outside it.

#7. Smart Connect

Another useful feature of FastestVPN; it finds the best server as soon as you hit the Smart Connect button. So it saves you the hassle to find a good server manually.

Built-in Ad-Blocker and Malware Protection

FastestVPN offers a useful set of additional features in the form of Ad-Blocker and Malware. Specifically, when it comes to Ad-blocker, there are few VPNs with such a handy feature.

How to Get the FastestVPN on PC/MAC

FastestVPN is currently the best VPN for Mac and PC that is affordable. With that said, here’s a guide on how to get started:

  • Open the browser on your device and click on the search bar
  • Start typing FastestVPN and press enter
  • Now select the first site from the result
  • Here move your cursor to the right top, you will see the App Click on it and choose the PC/MAC version
  • Download the app
  • After the setup is downloaded, extract and then launch it
  • Here choose agree and then click on install.

How to get FastestVPN on Android/IOS

Need a VPN for Android or iOS smartphone? FastestVPN is not just one of the safest choices, but the most affordable. Here’s how you can download the app on your devices:

  • Launch the play store/app store
  • Hunt for the FastestVPN through the search bar
  • Hit the install button and wait until the setup completes
  • launch it by clicking on its icon

Sign up for FastestVPN

When you launch the app for the first time, it will ask you to Log in to get anonymous on the internet. Here is the step to follow:

  • Go to the FastestVPN site
  • There is a Buy Now button at the top right, click on it
  • Select the plan
  • And then, give the requested info such as Email and password
  • In the last step, select the payment method you want to go with

FastestVPN Subscriptions

When I landed on the FastestVPN pricing page, just like most VPN services in the market, I was welcomed by 3 different plans. The most basic 1-month plan is quite expensive.

However, 1-Year and 3-Year plans offer the biggest savings. You can get a FastestVPN subscription as low as $1.11/month, turning it into one of the most economical VPNs in the market.

FastestVPN Review Conclusion

Moving towards the conclusion, FastestVPN has made serious improvements in terms of server locations, streaming services, and VPN protocol support.

Talking about the speed, I won’t call it the speed champ, but honestly speaking, they are providing pretty good speed, for everyday users. The bright part, you can share a single subscription among 10 devices.

Consequently, I can say FastestVPN holds a decent number of features at a very competitive price that deserves a try.

For More Latest Software Reviews and Information about FastestVPN Review, Visit Etech Spider.

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